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Panel solutions

Panel solutions

Combining high-quality components with the knowledge of panel technologies along with their applications in various environments enables us in providing you with an industrial remote control or complete dashboard to fit your exact needs.

The best solution for an agricultural application looks different from a material handling solution, a control panel for a military application looks different from a construction solution. Therefore, our integration experience affords us the opportunity to deliver the right solution for the environment in which they are meant for. Furthermore, it gives us a close understanding of the technology and its advantages and challenges, therefore making us better qualified to make design recommendations for your HMI.

Standard Panel Solutions (8)

We took our long-standing expertise in industrial design and created off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to common applications. The offering includes plug & play remote controls with some customization options, such as the number of keys, shape of keys, and marking; and various keyboards, including metal, rubber, and membrane keypads.
Find your next quick fix in our range of standard panel solutions.

Technologies (10)

APEM masters many different panel technologies such as capacitive, membrane, elastomer and piezoelectric. Each technology has its unique advantages and possibilities and is better suited for different environments and uses. Combined with our high-quality components, we can assist you in designing and producing a control system to meet your specific requirements and standards.
In addition, we have mastered a wide selection of communication protocols to match the communication from your HMI to the architecture of your vehicle or machine.
The technologies and protocols described in this section are the most requested ones. If the technology or requirement you are looking for is not on the following pages, then please contact us for further consultation.

Complete HMIs (2)

Do you need a remote control producer or a dashboard manufacturer for your next HMI solution? Are you concerned if the supplier would live up to the visual identity of your brand? Or is the functionality and complexity of your control panel that challenges you?
No worries, we’ve got you.
We are here to assist you from the early design concepts and environmental study to mass production. We have our own testing lab and strong quality control of the development and production processes to provide you with a reliable panel solution.
Take advantage of our decades of experience and let us deliver you a plug & play solution so you can focus on your core business.