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Choosing the right components for your applications is important and can sometimes be challenging to meet the requirements of your industry. APEM makes finding the right joystick easy, with over 45 standard product series available. Standard offering includes 1-3 axis, proportional control, illumination with easy customization possibilities that include termination, marking, color, sealing level and handle options.
APEM joysticks are used around the world in a large variety of applications from snowplows, scissor lifts and wireless remote controls to cranes, harvesters and so much more!
Thumb Controls (9)
Have a small space that requires fingertip navigation? APEM Thumb controls are the ideal solution when you need to control several functions with one finger on a reduced panel size, such as the face of a larger joystick. APEM also offers an illuminated series to clearly identify the status of the joystick in environments with low visibility. This ergonomic, Hall effect joystick provides an almost unlimited lifecycle to help prevent your application from requiring maintenance, causing downtime in your application.
Fingertip Proportional (12)

When looking for a small joystick with proportional control for precise navigation of functions, choose from our Fingertip joystick selection. These compact products feature long life cycle with their contactless Hall effect, resistive, and inductive technologies. These joysticks are available from single to three-axis control and are used in a wide range of applications, e.g. CCTV, medical equipment, belly boxes, and wireless industrial controllers.

Mid-size Hall Effect (3)

Building on our experience and know-how with handgrip and fingertip joysticks this new group of mid-size handles meets the requirement for smaller, robust, and compact applications suitable for a wide range of hand sizes. They are ideally placed to assist with the integration of electronic proportional controls in material handling, construction, and special vehicle applications.

Handgrip Hall Effect (5)
More robust than a fingertip or thumb control joystick and developed with proportional control in mind, the handgrip joysticks are ideal for operation that requires precision in severe off-road and material handling environments. The handles are ergonomically suited for one-handed use and allow multiple functions to be controlled in a small space thanks to the addition of many standard components designed on to the faceplate or handle.
USB Desktop (5)
Dedicated to indoor use, the USB desktop series is primarily used for camera control in network video surveillance. Easy to integrate, thanks to the USB interface, they allow the control of many functions in one singular device. Illuminated options are available for low visibility environments or when you need to clearly identify the status of your function, APEM propose series with such option.
Trackballs (4)
Typically used to replace a computer mouse, Trackballs offer a more robust cursor control and are highly suitable for public use. Trackball versions include both desktop models and those integrated on a control panel.