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HMI is a quickly changing sector in which APEM continues to strengthen its leadership.
Since 1952, APEM has been developing and marketing an extensive portfolio of human-machine interfaces. Today, we are able to produce more than 50,000 distinct part numbers. Our offer is continuously evolving to always respect the applicable standards and anticipate the challenges of our customers and the markets in which they operate.

If APEM's activity was initially focused on switches, it has diversified over the years. Switches and buttons of all types, LED indicators, joysticks of all sizes, keyboards and integrated solutions, our group has integrated many different types of know-how and is now able to offer its expertise to thousands of customers around the world.

We control all phases, from product development to manufacturing, thanks to our vertical integration of production and our mastery of advanced technologies. This enables us to respond effectively to the most complex specifications.

We not only have the necessary know-how, but also the right equipment and personnel. We recruit and train our teams to always offer the best product-service combination to each of our customers.

Whatever the application and the type of interface, we bring your projects to life, even the wildest ones.


Panel switches - PCB switches - LED indicators

Our range of components is wide, but it's also deep!

Multiply the number of series by the number of customizable options and you quickly get thousands of possible part numbers.

With our options and accessories you can create endless possibilities: actuators, ergonomics, current/voltage rating, colors, finishes, terminals, sealings, markings, backlightings… Everything is customizable to your needs.

Our teams are here to guide you and help you make the right choice. Do not hesitate to contact them!
Learn more about our customization diversity.

From thumb sticks to large handgrips, from 1 to 3 axis, discrete or proportional, joysticks are an excellent fit to APEM core competencies:

  • 70 years of experience manufacturing electromechanical components
  • 30 years of joystick experience
  • joystick manufacturing facilities in the US and EU

For sure you will find the joystick you need within our portfolio of over 50 product families and many customization possibilities: harnesses, mounting plates, markings, colors…

From idea to complete HMI, APEM has the capability to design and manufacture any panel solution.

With our production mode integrating all design and manufacturing stages, along with the fabrication of specific tooling, we can rapidly meet your need for quality products.

From standard and cost-effective solutions to complete and fully customized HMI solutions, your own HMI takes shape whatever your project may be!

Proven human-machine interfaces

Our interfaces are used in all kinds of special vehicles and machines. That's why they must be able to withstand the most extreme conditions and repeated handling.

APEM offers robust HMI components fully tested and qualified for demanding applications to guarantee the highest level of robustness, and reliability in line with your sector’s requirements and global standards.
Learn more about resistance to harsh environments