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LED indicators

LED indicators
LED indicators are illuminated components used to show the status of a function, a battery, or electronics.
APEM’s indicator range includes high-quality options from 6 mm all the way up to 30 mm.
These premium, robust and energy-efficient indicators are ideal in a broad range of applications from off-road to agriculture, from military vehicles to commercial electronics.
APEM’s LED indicators offer 3 illumination levels: standard, hyper- and superbright for your different environments. There are also other customization options, like color of illumination, level of sealing, bezel material, marking or no marking, type of mounting and harness, and length of wires.
Professional Grade Panel Mount LED Indicators (13)
Professional grade panel mount LED indicators are designed to look good and endure harsh environments.
These durable and well-tested indicators are optimized for high performance, sealed from the front and back end to IP67 or IP69K. They can handle high vibrations and are made with 316L grade stainless steel, making them ideal in demanding application areas, like construction and military.
APEM’s indicator range allows for many customization possibilities, e.g. sealing, harness, wires, bezels, marking and of course color of illumination.
Night Vision (NVG) Compatible LED Indicators (1)
Night vision compatible LED indicators are designed for military applications, so the covert units don’t blind themselves.
These robust indicators are compatible with night vision goggles and are compliant to the military standard MIL-STD-3009.
NVG compatible LED indicators are black or anodized, front panel and rear epoxy sealed to IP67, and available in six colors (NVGRA, NVGRB, YWA, YWB, RD, and WH).
These indicators are rear-mounted to allow for quick mounting.
Rear Mount LED Indicators (3)
Rear mount LED indicators are fitted into place from the back of the panel making it possible to fit into smaller spaces. They are easier to mount and allow for a flush look.
Snap-in Plastic LED Indicators (1)
Snap-in plastic LED indicators are easy to mount, simply plug and play and are good in less demanding applications. 
Based LED Indicators for Bulb Replacement (4)
Based LED indicators are lamps for signalization and are ideal in critical applications where the presence of indication is important or where lamp replacement is difficult or costly.  
Halo Panel Mount LED Indicators (1)
Halo panel mount LED indicators are stylish intuitive lighting feedback with optimal high-quality LED light output to increase the safety of your application.
Adding the halo indicator to your safety-critical component makes it easier to read the status of the function and therefore provides quicker reaction times in emergencies.