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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

The APEM Group companies and their employees must abide by the highest professional, ethical and legal standards.

Therefore, the APEM group's culture and strategy are based on 3 main principles, namely, keeping our commitment, respecting one another, and enforcing en ethical behavior in accordance with applicable laws.

This Code of Conduct is in fact a global initiative at the APEM Group company’s supplier chain level. The APEM Group companies expect that not only their employees but also their suppliers, Tier 2 suppliers and subcontractors to comply with these same rules.

Therefore, the APEM Group companies invite their employees, their suppliers, their Tier 2 suppliers and their subcontractors to adopt, maintain and implement, in their respective areas, all the fundamental values pertaining to human rights, Health and Safety, the Environment, Ethical Standards and Compliance with the Law as they are described in this Code of Conduct.