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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at APEM


In today’s fast-paced world, CSR is a crucial aspect of business operations. At IDEC and APEM, we are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment while ensuring the sustainable growth of our business. Our actions towards a sustainable world reflect our group’s values and our dedication to fully engaging in a meaningful collective goal. Anchored by our Code of Conduct, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy aims at fostering a better future. From pioneering recycling initiatives to promoting local sourcing, our commitment runs deep. Our dedication to ethical practices, and the impactful efforts we're making in our industry are testament to APEM's determination to work for a greener and more sustainable world.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the practical implementation of sustainable development at the company level. It involves a voluntary commitment to incorporate social, environmental, and economic concerns into the company's operations and interactions with its stakeholders.

The IDEC and APEM CSR policy is based on five main pillars: environment, social, governance (ESG), safety, and quality. We firmly believe that these five pillars enable us to have a positive and tangible impact on our environment.


As APEM is part of the IDEC group, we have started by implementing a series of actions to achieve our common goals, targeting 10 of the 17 goals from the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" adopted by the United Nations in 2015:

Then, we categorized our 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into 4 key purposes, which guide us in fulfilling our commitment to sustainability:

  • Productivity improvement
    As a Group, we contribute to improving the productivity and efficiency by providing the most innovative technology, products and solutions that have been developed for years.
  • Safety and well-being
    Enhance safety, productivity, and well-being by advancing technology development, human resources, effective management, and regulatory frameworks. Our aim is to foster the ideal environment for humans and machines to address complex societal challenges.
  • Response to climate change
    Volunteer to reduce our environmental impact through our in-house and affiliate production lines.
  • Ensure a pleasant work environment
    Invigorate the company by establishing an appealing work environment that instills a strong sense of purpose among employees. Champion the principles of decent work, diversity, and inclusion to enhance the company's human capital, enabling our employees to innovate and generate value. Additionally, bolster governance and accountability to ensure the company's trustworthiness within society.


At APEM, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a part of our business ethos; it's a comprehensive strategy that intertwines with every aspect of our operations. The foundation of our CSR strategy is built upon a solid understanding of our environmental footprint, including CO2 emissions, energy consumption, industrial waste generation, and recycling efforts, embodied by ISO 14001 certification for each of our plants. Beyond environmental metrics, our HR processes and governance structures are meticulously aligned with social requirements and ethical standards, further solidified by our proactive approach to enhancing supplier relationships.

APEM focused efforts

APEM has refined its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach by focusing on four main objectives: lowering CO2 emissions, decreasing industrial waste, incorporating eco-friendly designs, and using renewable energy. These initiatives are vital for several reasons:

  • Lowering CO2 emissions: APEM is committed to enhancing the sustainability of its products and minimizing its carbon footprint. Through various operational improvements, our goal is to achieve a 24% reduction in CO2 emissions over five years (FY2025 vs. 2020).
  • Decreasing industrial waste: Through recycling and standardizing products, we aim to minimize waste. By streamlining our recycling processes, we target to cut our industrial waste by 24% in the same period.
  • Eco-friendly product design: We prioritize eco-friendly design from the start of a project to lessen its environmental impact. This strategy aims to make over 60% of our products more environmentally friendly.
  • Renewable energy: By optimizing our processes, we reduce both waste and energy use in production. APEM rises to the challenge of sourcing 18% of its energy from renewable sources to support our operations.

This environmental policy extends to our partners as well. By involving our suppliers in our CSR initiatives, we ensure that our sustainability principles are replicated across our supply chain. This partnership is crucial for elevating the ethical and environmental standards of our products and services.

Regulatory Compliance for APEM

The introduction of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) marks a significant shift towards transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts. APEM is poised to not only comply with these European regulations by 2026 but also to establish a benchmark for excellence in sustainability reporting. At the same time, we will be conducting regular assessments with third parties, steering our improvements towards compliance with CSR expectations.

APEM Code of Conduct: a commitment to sustainability

At APEM, our journey toward sustainability is guided by a deep-seated commitment to our core values, principles, and the APEM Code of Conduct. This Code is the cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, ensuring that every decision and action upholds the highest standards of integrity, respect, and environmental stewardship. By embedding these principles into every aspect of our business, from governance and strategy to impact management and ethical sourcing, we are not just complying with regulatory mandates but are setting a new benchmark for excellence in our industry.

Our commitment to CSR transcends the boundaries of our company, extending into the global community and the environment. We understand the importance of our role in contributing to a sustainable future and are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration. Through the APEM Code of Conduct, we pledge to maintain our position as a key player in our field, not just by meeting the expectations of our stakeholders but by exceeding them, fostering a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world for all.

Our journey is ongoing, and we understand that achieving our CSR objectives requires persistence, innovation, and collaboration. We are committed to this path, confident in the knowledge that with every step we take, we are making a difference. Join us as we continue to evolve, adapt, and lead in sustainability, for today and for generations to come.