APEM is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of human-machine interface products.APEM develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of switching products: panel and PCB switches, LED indicators, joysticks and switch panels.

The group is based in 11 countries and relies on a network of more than 130 distributors on five continents.
It has production sites in Europe, America, Asia and North Africa.


Panel Switches

With a vertically integrated production, APEM controls all stages of product development and production: from tooling, molding, screw machining to assembly and final inspection.

Our dedicated and experienced teams can respond to the most complex requirements.

This technical expertise ensures the continuous growth of our product ranges, allowing strong partnerships with our customers and providing the necessary flexibility to create an infinite number of products.


PCB switches

APEM offers a range of more than 50,000 customizable part numbers: color, marking, finish, shape and dimensions... unlimited combinations are possible.

This variety of components allows APEM to create the unique combination to match your design. Custom colors, specific materials, special backlighting or varied shapes are available upon request.

Collaborating with industrial designers, our teams set the highest standards in design and development of the products they offer. Whether it is the selection of materials used, or the shapes and colors of the component, every detail is considered in visibility and accessibility improvements of our product lines.

Particular attention is paid to the cosmetic appearances of our products to best match your requirements, from specific markings to brightness illumination for outdoor applications.



The increase in the number of options and connected equipment imposes the choice of bus-type interconnections (CAN J1939, PROFIBUS...).

APEM simplifies the integration of these technologies by offering integrated communication protocols such as CANopen, CAN J1939, ISOBUS, USB and RS 432.

Our teams can develop complete interface solutions combining components (switches, keypads, indicators, joysticks), standard electronic boards and programming.

Turnkey interface solutions with numerous advantages: simplicity, reactivity and flexibility without heavy investment costs.



For over 65 years, worldwide manufacturers have placed their trust in APEM to develop and produce reliable high-performance products for demanding applications.

APEM’s constant innovation and expertise throughout the years, illustrates them as proven leaders in the industry.

By controlling all phases of manufacturing and quality control, APEM products offer the ability to withstand the adverse elements associated with harsh environments, without affecting their life expectancy.


Switch panels

With a diverse product offering, quick and efficient customization, specialized control of technologies, protocols and specific testing needs, APEM is an effective partner for customers with specific requirements.

For this reason, the APEM brand is globally recognized in diversified markets such as instrumentation, medical, security, telecommunications, industrial automation, defense and transport. APEM quality levels are verified by numerous approvals (UL/CSA, VDE, NF…) and the unwavering confidence of manufacturers worldwide.

Over 65 years of experience

International customer support

Broadest offering of HMI solutions

Integrated industrial processes

Constant innovation

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