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  • 1500 series

    Single pole 1500 series toggle switches with metal lever, available with UL Approval (EN61058-1).Main featuresVariety of actuator styles and colorsSolder lug or quick-connect terminals2 and 3 maintained positions

  • 1600-1700 series

    Single pole 1600-1700 series toggle switches with brass nickel plated lever.Main features Variety of actuator styles and colorsSolder lug or quick connect terminals2 and 3 maintained positions.

  • 4600-4400 series

    Toggle switches with high current /voltage rating in a small case size with UL, CSA, and VDE approvals.Main features One pole, two pole and three poleSolder lug or quick connect terminalsNumerous actuator colors available

  • 660 series

    The 660 series 4 pole industrial toggle switches feature a metal lever with 2 or 3 maintained or momentary positions.Main features5 to 10 amp power toggle switch2 and 3 maintained or momentary positionsscrew, solder lug or quick connect terminals

  • 3500 series

    1 and 2 pole configurations available with solder lug, screw or quick connect terminals. Toggle switches designed for outdoor applications. Frontal sealing to IP67 and IP69K by a silicone membrane. Rear sealing to IP64 provided by moulded-in terminals. Main features  Completely sealed switches withstanding 0.1 bar pressure Frontal sealing to IP67 and...

  • 3600NF series

    Sealed industrial toggle switches for outdoor applications.  The 3600NF toggle switches are in 1 and 2 pole configurations.Main features Solder lug, quick-connect or screw terminalsSolid silver contactsO-ring seal, molded–in terminals12 amp ratingUL approval on select modelsnumerous electrical configurations

  • 6000 series

    Industrial toggle switches for military applications available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 poles. 6000 series comes with neoprene protection caps and sealing / locking lever options.Main features screw, solder lug or quick connect terminalssilver contactsmatt black finish on actuator and bushingsealing and locking lever optionsneoprene protection capsrated...

  • MT series

    The MT is an environmentally sealed rocker switch that is actuated with a rocking motion. Multiple single functions available. Various contact materials that allow usage from dry circuit applications up to 4 A.This sealed rocker switch comes in a single pole double throw (SPDT switch) package and is available in two or three positions; momentary and...

  • TR series

    Subminiature rocker switches available in single and double pole with gold or silver plating. Main featuresSealed : Single piece case, o-ring seal between actuator and bushing, epoxy sealed terminalsWide variety of contact materialsSame PCB layout as TL, TP and TG tiny switches

  • S-SR Series

    Panel and pc mount versions straight or right angle, single and double pole, silver or gold plated contacts. Numerous configurations and options available including UL agency approval. Many actuator options.Main features Sealed : Secure assembly of the two case parts, internally sealed bushing, epoxy sealed terminals Process compatible : Wave solderable,...

  • KR series

    Power rocker switches with a state-of-the-art look based on curved shapes. On illuminated versions, laser etching allows direct marking on the rocker, without using lenses. View the video:Main features : an infinite number of symbols available for all rocker colours within a short timea behind-panel depth lower than equivalent models in the...

  • KL series

    Power rocker switches available with 2 or 3 positions, with one locked position. Actuator must be pressed to activate the protected function of the rocker. Two frames protect the unlocking actuator from untimely activation. Patented intuitive ergonomics.   View the video:Main features  Wide choice of coloursLaser eched symbolsIlluminated or...

  • KI series

    The design of the KI series matches the state-of-the-art appearance of the KR, based on curved lines. APEM offers a wide choice of 8 bezel colors, 3 different terminal types and 5 LED colors. For direct sunlight applications, a super bright LED option is available. The laser etching process allows high definition marking with an infinite number of...

  • KG series

    Industrial size SPDT and DPDT models, sealed to IP65, up to a 15 amp rating. Rocker markings available. Raised protection bezel preventing inadvertent actuation of the rocker. Main featuresIlluminated or non-illuminatedProtected rockerSealed to IP65

  • FM series

    Single pole rocker switches, illuminated or non-illuminated with solder lug, quick connect or pc terminals. Rated up to 10 amps. Numerous actuator colors. Main features : For class II appliancesUL approvedProtection against moisture by double-shell case  : When the switch is submitted to moisture (drops, condensation), the double-shell case conducts...

  • AS series

    Single pole rocker switches in numerous electrical configurations. Black case, a variety of actuator colors, solder lug or straight pc terminals, silver or gold plated terminals. Ratings up to 4 amps.Main features :Double insulationEpoxy sealed terminalsUL and CSA approved

  • 57000 series

    VDE approved miniature rocker switches available in single and double pole configurations. Main features: Solder lug, straight and right angle PC terminals. Available with large, medium or small rocker/paddle actuator, in 9 different colours. Silver contactsUL and CSA approvals available.

  • 7000 series

    1 and 2 poles, panel and pc mount in numerous configurations. Silver or gold plated contacts, ratings up to 6 amps.Main features :Wide variety of actuators Many mounting styles for panel or PCBVDE, UL and CSA approved

  • 2600 series

    Industrial size SPDT and DPDT models. Rocker markings available. 1 and 2 pole configurations with 3 rocker shapes in a variety of colors. Up to 16 amp ratings. Solder lug, quick connect or screw terminals available. Illuminated or non-illuminated rockers can be custom marked. Main features 3 rocker shapes : plain, V-shaped or concaveFrame with protection...

  • A01ES-D series

    A01ES-D series emergency stops is ergonomically designed for the users. With 4 actuator styles featuring a compact and modern design (dia.16 mm), these emergency stops are safe and easy to operate (Push to shut-off, twist to release) and feature green locked/unlocked status indicators for a quick and easy visual status control. The A01ES-D series is...

  • A02ES-H series

    An emergency stop switch with exclusive “built-in-safety” design. Certified to the highest safety standards: UL 508, CSA 22.2, EN 60947-5-5 and EN 60547-5-1. For dia. 22 mm panel cut-out. Easy to mount and operate. Illuminated version available. Main featuresHigh security: no risk of accident in the assembly and maintenance phasesPush to lock, pull or...

  • Switch guards for series 12000 - 3500 -...

    Switch guards prevent any inadvertent lever operation. When the guard is raised, the lever can be operated freely. When the guard is fully depressed, the lever is reset/locked in a stable position. They are designed for use on switches with Ø 11,9 (.468) or Ø 12 (.472) threaded bushing and lever length 17,5 (.688) outside bushing. Main features : Models...

  • Switch guards for switch series 3500 -...

    Switch guards prevent any inadvertent lever operation. When the guard is raised, the lever can be operated freely. When the guard is fully depressed, the lever is reset/locked in a stable position. They are designed for use on switches with Ø 11,9 (.468) or Ø 12 (.472) threaded bushing and lever length 17,5 (.688) outside bushing. Main features : Models...

  • CSG series

    The CSG series is a new range of thermoplastic switch guards. Light, practical and modern, they feature anti-tamper wire seal hole as standard. They are intended for use on our 5000M and 600H toggle switches. Main features : Patented design, easier grip even with glovesSide protection avoiding inadvertent actuationNo distortion or break in case of...

Showing 73 - 96 of 128 items

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