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What is new on the website?


What is new on the website

Learn all about the exciting new additions and enhancements that will provide you with all the answers you need to solve your design challenges in the video or read further below.

Here is how we can help:

  1. The search engine has been improved so you can find any content, product, or feature on our website within seconds.
  2. A new modern look and a better structure for the information with 3 main entry points: products (link to products main page), industries (link to industries main page), and solutions (link to solutions main page).
  3. New “Solutions” (link to solutions main page) category to help solve your design challenges.
  4. Deeper product information with the added part number level. You can put together the specific part number you need and see that version’s technical features. E.g. XS440SDM12A02000 (link to this specific part number)
  5. Get quick help from a human being in your own language with our LiveChat feature. Our chat is run by our own experts and not a bot, so all questions can be answered with the nuance they require.

Welcome to the new and improved