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Panel switches

Panel switches
From toggles to pushbuttons, rockers to micro switches, APEM develops and produces one of the widest ranges of interfaces dedicated to panels. Find the switch that fits your project within our hundreds of standard part numbers. From even the most standard 12 mm or 16 mm cut-out to specific 6 mm to 30 mm, we have a switch for you.
APEM also has a wide variety of terminations options (PCB, solder lugs, quick-connect, screw flying leads, cable, connector …) and mounting options available (snap-in, rear mounting, vertical through-hole, threaded mounting…).
As most of our products are dedicated to being used in harsh environments, choose the sealing level, materials, protection guards and certifications you need to ensure efficiency and safety whatever the conditions may be.
Toggles (17)
Toggle can be useful if you need up to a 3 positions switch, with momentary or alternate functions that can be locked by itself or with protection guards. Thanks to numerous ratings, sealing, lever finish options and sealing boots, APEM provides toggles for many types of applications and markets. PCB solder lugs, quick-connect or wire wrap termination options are available to fit your project.
The APEM toggle series offers the reliability of worldwide recognized certifications such as: CECC, UL, CSA, VDE, NF.
Pushbutton Switches (63)
Compact above and below the panel, this very common interface can be illuminated and/or inscribed with legends and is ideal when you need versatile switches. Thanks to a wide variety of design in different materials, APEM has pushbuttons for almost any application: anti-vandal switches for outdoor applications, high performance switches for demanding environments, and double icon illuminated pushbutton switches for compact applications.
Rocker Switches (13)
APEM’s rockers are an ideal choice when you want to ensure a clear visibility of your actuator’s status thanks to back-lighted logos and keep a consistent design for your lined-up functions thanks to the variety of functions included in the K series range. If you need a waterproof rocker switch or momentary rocker switch that has UL, CSA, VDE or NF certification; we can also satisfy your needs. 
Industrial Controls (6)
The modular construction of our Industrial controls switches offers a high customization possibility within a reliable switch to ensure the safety of the users and the longevity of the application.
Emergency Stop (5)
With clearly identified switches for emergencies, the users can work in a safer environment. Safety in the industry but also in all other markets in crucial. Having an emergency stop that meets the latest requirements and has a clear visual design is the best beginning to reducing the risks. 
Switch Guards (5)
By preventing any inadvertent lever operation, protection guards avoid the end-user from activating critical functions. They can also ensure the protection of the switch below, especially when the product is positioned outdoor or in applications prone to accidental drops.
Sealing Boots (1)
Most switches available in the APEM range can be equipped with a rubber boot that does not require a major modification to the design, therefore providing an immediate sealing solution to new & existing applications. Sealing boots are a very good way to improving the sealing of an application but also to ensure an effective and easy-to-clean surface.
Hardware (1)
Standard hardware is supplied with the switches, other hardware can be ordered separately.
Hex nuts, locking rings, lock washer, knurled nut, knurled cap nuts, dress nuts, conic cap nut, conic nut, sealing washer ... find all the dimensions of the hardware in this section.
Micro Switches (4)
Micro switches, also known as snap action switches, are primarily used as limit switches when an end of stroke sensor at a reduced price is required. These are also suitable for many other industry applications.
Micro switches make or break a circuit with no vacillation, independently from the speed of activation of the operator thus are ideal to avoid electrical arcs.
Pushwheel Switches (7)
When you are looking for intuitive and visual coding functions, selecting a pushwheel switches is a good option. Discover our offering of BCD, Hex Code Output Miniature Dual Pushbutton code.
Keylock switches (1)
For critical functions, you may need to limit the access to one or a few users. With keylock switches, only the owners of the keys can activate the function. Your application is protected against unwanted usages.