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Product disclaimer

Product disclaimer

APEM produces an extremely wide range of standard products available through many authorised distributors worldwide. We draw your attention to the fact that in the case of products purchased through distributors, APEM is unable to ensure the suitability of the concerned products for the intended application without prior consultation and therefore can accept no liability.

Therefore APEM customers should :

1. Satisfy themselves that the APEM specification of the foreseen product is suitable in all regards for the application in which the customer intends to install the APEM product.

2. Make sure that internally within their system architecture, hardware, software, training and support materials all adequate safeguards are implemented in order to avoid the occurrence of a safety system failure.

3. Be aware no APEM products must be used for direct control of flight critical controls in applications of manned or un-manned avionics, unless expressly confirmed in writing by an APEM Director.