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This selection of IDEC products is the must-have to always keep control of your machines, in full safety. You will find the essentials of safety with E-stops, switches of different diameters and many lighting and signaling solutions, recognized worldwide for their very high level of quality. 

Emergency Stop Switches

For more than 70 years, IDEC has produced reliable and high-quality Emergency-stops, making the point of contact between humans and machines easy, safe and secure.  

With their space-saving design, these E-stops have the same dimension from 1 to 4 contacts and provide you different options, like terminal connection and illumination. 

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Three-position Enabling switches 

90% of the safety enabling switches sold in the world are produced by IDEC. Our range includes switches ideal for installation in small or larger teaching pendants and ergonomically designed grip style switches.  

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22mm switches 

IDEC’s selection of switches includes illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, illuminated and non-illuminated selector switches, key selector switches, Emergency-stops and their best-seller RFID reader, to manage authority control.  

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16mm switches 

IDEC’s 16mm miniature and compact switches add style and safety to any application in a space-saving package. This selection provides an uncompromising mechanical life and includes illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, lever switches, key selector switches, and 3rd generation Emergency-stops. 

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Signaling and lighting 

Immediate indication of process status is a must in any application. Achieve this goal with IDEC’s selection of pilot light switches, buzzer switches, light towers, LED indicators, and high-performing LED lighting solutions for machines and workstations.  

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