Product customization

With over 65 years experience in the development of human machine interface products and a vertically integrated production, APEM's design and manufacturing expertise goes beyond simple switching.

APEM offers a range of more than 125,000 part numbers consisting of switches, indicators, joysticks and keypads in different colors, markings, finishes, shapes and dimensions… creating an unlimited combinations of possibilities.

Our standard product offering can be adapted to meet customers specific needs.

Which customization?

APEM’s standard catalog parts are available for customization and a lower cost.  Contact an APEM representative to assist you.

Terminal options

Flying leadCableConnectorResistanceLabel
Fil simpleCables


Numerous options are available:

  • Thermoshrinkable sleeves for better electrical insulation
  • Tube + epoxy
  • Overmolding ensuring rear panel sealing


Many marking types are available.

Pad printingGoodAverageBad
Hot stampingAverageGoodAverage
Laser etchingGoodGoodGood

The choice will depend on the expected component use.

4 Colors

Plastic parts in select materials are available in specific colors (RAL, pantone) or create a completely custom color.

Plastic granules

Metal parts can be anodized in a wide range of colors.


5 Finishes

Nickel plating is standard, but there are many other solutions:

Polished brassPolished varnished brassBright chrome platingSatin chrome platingBlack chrome platingGold platingSoft Touch paintStainless steel finish
Laiton 1Laiton 2ChromeChromeChromeGoldSoft touchInox

6 Shapes

Metal actuators can easily be adapted:

  • Shape
  • Diameter
  • Length

For plastic parts, the change of injection mold cavities allows to create new shapes rapidly and cost effectively.


7 APEM’s experience

75 % of APEM’s turnover is achieved with custom products.

standard - custom

Our team of experts in HMI customization relies on controlled processes to exceed customer expectations.

This technical expertise ensures the continuity of all our ranges. Our teams rely on this expertise developed over the years to customize human machine interface products effectively and at lower cost.

Submitting a custom product project to APEM’s teams provide the assurance of having:

  • A unique contact person for all phases of design and production
  • A product qualification system
  • Advanced design software

Over 65 years of experience

International customer support

Broadest offering of HMI solutions

Integrated industrial processes

Constant innovation

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