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  • CJ Series

    The CJ Series joystick features an ergonomic multifunction handle purposely designed for safety critical hand-operated applications. Available as a one or two axis joystick, the CJ Series utilizes non-contacting Hall effect technology for over 10 million operations. The CJ Series features an industry common mounting cutout and hole pattern, allowing it to...

  • MS Series

    The MS Series joystick is a contactless, Hall effect controller developed for demanding operator control applications that require a rugged, yet compact hand-operated positioning device.  Available with several ergonomic multi-axis handles. Utilizing only five square inches of surface area, the MS Series joystick is ideally suited for off-highway...

  • FG Series

    The Fixed Grip™ FG Series controllers provide rugged, yet ergonomic operation for the most demanding applications. Custom configured to order, the FG Series may be equipped, for example, with a miniature thumb operated two axis joystick, index trigger guard, and USB interface. The FG Series controllers are ideal for off-road vehicles, marine, and military...

  • TH Series

    The TH Series single axis throttles are a heavy duty friction clutch joystick delivering proportional control. Designed for prolonged use and durable enough to withstand rough operation, commonly used applications include material handling and mobile equipment. The TH single axis throttle utilizes non-contacting Hall effect technology. Configuration...

  • PC Series

    The PC series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller. Molded from high impact glass filled nylon for durability, this handheld device easily accommodates APEM’s TS series miniature proportional Thumbsticks and I series pushbutton switches. Available with USB or analog outputs, the PC series is configured to order and provides an...

  • AG Series

    The AG Series provides an innovative approach for machine control of off-highway equipment and agricultural applications. Professionally designed for optimal ergonomics, the AG Series joystick is a breakthrough in performance, reliability and operator comfort. Environmentally sealed to IP67 and available with CANbus J1939 interface, the AG Series joystick...

  • XD Series

    The XD Series joystick is a multi-axis Hand Grip controller specifically engineered for demanding vehicle applications. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology to provide up to 10 million operations, the XD series is a compact yet highly reliable joystick ideally suited for off-highway vehicles and machinery. The XD series measures just 60 mm...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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