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  • Membrane switch panels

    Membrane switch panels are made of several layers of polyester printed and assembled together. They allow to create a custom human-machine interface at a reasonable price with low investment cost.Entirely customizable graphic design Choice of all other elements Reduced space requirement (thickness of some mm) The most affordable control...

  • Metal keypads/keyboards and control systems

    APEM metal keypads/keyboards combine the highest level of resistance to vandalism (up to IK10) and a modern and visually attractive design. Designed for the harshest environments, they are weather proof and can withstand most corrosive agents. Metal keypads/keyboards have a modular construction which allows customization with a relatively short...

  • Claviers piézo
    Claviers piézo

    APEM piezoelectric keypads combine pressure-sensitive keys and visually attractive design. Offering the highest level of sealing against water and dust, these keypads have no electrical consumption at rest and require a real touch to be activated.   Smooth aluminum front face for a modern design Easy to clean Protected against water, dust...

  • Rubber keypads
    Rubber keypads

    APEM develops and produces rubber keypads. This technology has the following advantages:  Custom ergonomics with low investment cost Dedicated custom electronics on product PCB Possible mix of shapes, colors and key dimensions on the same product APPLICATIONSAPEM supplies rubber keypads for diversified applications such as:...

  • Ruggedized control systems for harsh environments
    Ruggedized control systems for harsh...

    For many years, APEM has been developing ruggedized control systems for very harsh environments. These products combine critical electronic and software design expertise along with our core knowledge of milling, printing and discrete switch integration. They can integrate switches and switch guards. Typically, they are custom products suitable for small...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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