Rubber keypads


New product

APEM develops and produces rubber keypads. This technology has the following advantages:


  • Custom ergonomics with low investment cost
  • Dedicated custom electronics on product PCB
  • Possible mix of shapes, colors and key dimensions on the same product



APEM supplies rubber keypads for diversified applications such as:

  1. Agricultural machinery
  2. Road vehicles
  3. Defense
  4. Aerospace



  1. From basic sealing to IP69K sealing with custom design and construction
  2. Custom dedicated electronics with possible integration of CAN, USB or RS422 connection for example
  3. Backlighting option
  4. Good sealing level when combined with a plastic housing
  5. Good tactile feedback and flexible key configuration
  6. Possible combination with a front panel for design variety
  7. Standard, hidden or specific markings


Standard product available:

KP6 6-key keypad with or without CANBus

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