Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural vehicles and machinery are subjected to harsh conditions.

Dust, water, chemicals, heavy vibration, climate conditions and rough, prolonged use can greatly affect the lifespan of the vehicle, machinery and the components that make up the device.
APEM develops complete product solutions that have been designed, qualified and fully tested to withstand these demanding environments.

Typical applications: tractors, harvesters, combines, sprayers, front loaders, hedge cutters, forestry machines, feed mixer, mower, and balers…

Discover what makes APEM a strong contributor in the HMI market.

APEM Assets
Standard products

Off-the-shelf products

APEM offers a large selection of standard catalog products for agricultural machinery, including tractor, sprayer, loader, edge cutter, harvester, combine, forestry and unmanned vehicles, for both inside and outside the cabin.

Custom Joystick


APEM offers our unique HMI customization capabilities to our customers.  
Our strong development and design processes based on the automotive APQP method, facilitates a cohesive collaboration with our customers.



APEM believes that ergonomics and design are key to developing operator-friendly agricultural vehicles.

Look at our products, touch them, try them and feel the difference!

KL Series


APEM has been  in the Agricultural equipment market for decades and understands the level of reliability that is required.
APEM products are designed to withstand even the toughest operations, are sealed up to IP68 and IP69K and resistant to excessive shocks and vibrations.

Electronics and Software integration

For easy integration HMI products are more and more complex, embedded with electronics and software functions.

APEM experts in electronics, communication protocols (CANopen, J1939, ISOBUS…) and safety standards (IEC 62061, ISO 13849…) support customer design work.

Success Story - Agriculture


APEM has been selected to develop a multifunction CAN bus joystick.
The dual-axis Hall effect handle incorporate a rubber keypad, a HR thumbwheel and IP pushbuttons on the back.

Catalogue AgM


Download our 32-page brochure featuring APEM products intended for the agriculture market.

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  • KR Series

    Power rocker switches with a state-of-the-art look based on curved shapes.

  • KL Series

    Power rocker switches available with 2 or 3 positions, with one locked position. 

  • XD Series
    XD Series

    The XD Series joystick is a multi-axis controller engineered for vehicle applications.

  • KP6 Series

    APEM introduces the first standard CANbus keypad highlighting APEM’s technical 

  • BH Series

    The BH Series Paddle is the very latest generation in high precision contactless controls. 

  • HR Series

    HR series thumbwheels uses proven non-contacting Hall effect technology, providing 

  • CW Series

    The CW Series is a revolutionary Hall effect control wheel providing

  • MW Selector

    The MW series is designed for harsh and demanding environments

  • Série TS

    The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package.

  • Série NV
    NV Series

    The NV series is 4 or 5-direction switch-based joystick (4 directions + pushbutton). 

  • IX Series

    The IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch  

  • IA Series

    The IA series actuator consists of a polyurethane membrane which depresses when the switch is actuated


    Controlmec™ is a round five position integrated PCB switch solution to control a unit.

  • MW Series
    MW Series

    APEM introduces the first standard CANbus keypad highlighting APEM’s technical 

  • 600 Series

    Industrial toggle switches with high amperage and metal or insulated lever.

  • 5000 Series

    The widest range in miniature toggle switches diameter 6,35 mm available in a wide range 

  • FP Series

    These highly visible products are ideal for applications including tractors, buses, and automotive 

  • IP Series

    Illuminated or non-illuminated momentary action pushbuttons for harsh environments 

  • Multimec 5G

    Multimec 5G switch has a large diameter snap-on cap retention system and an 

  • Q16 Series

    Panel mount LED indicators with 10mm coloured diffused epoxy lens or 10mm water

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