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Website: www.ecsrep.com 


Allied  www.alliedelec.com 
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel:  (253) 796-6222

Digi-Key  www.digikey.com 
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel: (800) 344-4539 

Hardware Specialty Co.  www.hardwarespecialty.com 
Tel:  (206) 624-5785

Heilind Electronics  www.heilind.com 
Tel: (800) 400-7041 

Master Electronics  www.masterelectronics.com
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel: (888) 473-5297  

Mouser Electronics  
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel: (800) 346-6873

Newark Electronics®  www.newark.com 
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel: (800) 463-9275 

Onlinecomponents  www.onlinecomponents.com
an authorized IDEC distributor
Tel: (888) 906-8217

Powell Electronics®  www.powell.com
Tel: (253) 874-2215

Quist Electronics   www.quistelectronics.com
Tel: (952) 448-6645

Wes-Garde  www.wesgarde.com
Tel: (805) 579-7200

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