APEM custom capabilities

APEM offers a large range of more than 125,000 part numbers consisting of switches, indicators, joysticks and keypads, in different colors, markings, finishes, shapes and dimensions … creating an unlimited combination of possibilities.

A global approach

APEM offers 3 integration levels:

  • Adaptation of a standard product

    The adaptation of a standard product (marking, connection, shape, backlighting…) allows for the creation of a product meeting customer specific requirements.

    Based on technical know-how and a diversified product offering, APEM can propose rapid and simplified product customization without excessive development costs.

Global approach

  • Development of complete exclusive interface solutions

    APEM professionals are happy to assist customers in the development of complete turnkey solutions (control panels, handles) combining switches, switch panels, joysticks and other components, with responsiveness and flexibility.


  • Electronic and software design

    The increasing number of options and connected equipment leads to the choice of bus type interconnections (CAN, USB, RS485, RS422…).

    APEM simplifies the integration of communication protocols by proposing electronic and software designs complying with the needs of most applications.
    Our internal electronic teams manage the integration of communication protocols such as CAN, RS485, RS422, USB, specific displays (LCD graphics, segments, NVIS LEDs), as well as protection filters (ESD, EMI, power network) and power supplies (power converters).


Safety integration policy

APEM develops ISO/EN safety compatible products, combining hardware and software solutions which provide customers with integrated HMI products or solutions and bringing high levels of safety to their systems.

APEM follows the evolution of safety standards in different areas to ensure correct PL (performance level) as well as compatible SIL (safety integrity level) of customer applications.

With our dedicated product offering, quick and efficient customization, mastery of switching technology and industry standards, we understand and work with our customers as a preferred supplier.

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