XD Series


XD series joystick is a multi-axis Hand Grip joystick specifically engineered by APEM for demanding vehicle applications.


Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology to provide up to 10 million operations, the XD series is a compact yet highly reliable joystick ideally suited for off-highway vehicles and machinery.





Série XD



  • Less than 60 mm below panel
  • Withstand horizontal loads up to 1780 N (400 lbf)
  • IP67 above panel sealing (depending on handle design)

SIL 2 compatible Joystick

XD series is SIL 2 compatible with redundant hall sensors to help special vehicle manufacturers to comply with the latest Machinery Directive and the IEC 62061 and ISO 13849 functional safety standards.

 CAN Output

The XD series provides SAE CAN bus J1939-71 outputs. All axis and button data is delivered on a CAN 2.0B compliant physical interface.

Mark Petersen Mark
Joystick Product Manager

Mark began his career at APEM in Product Management in 2009 with over 15 years of technical marketing experience.

As the company’s “go-to guy” for all things joystick related, Mark is an integral part in the design, development & marketing of the industrial controller product line.




2 Standard and custom handles


With best in class HMI components, the XD series has a modular construction to provide design versatility and benefit from APEM's field proven and new generation of HMI components:


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