MEC Switches, when good is not enough


Multimec switch is not just an ordinary switch; from first design step it has been our intention to manufacture the best possible switch.

The automatic production lines have 100% in-line testing but before the parts get to the assembly line there are various quality assurance processes throughout the production process in order to deliver the same high quality each and every time.




R&D, tooling, molding, stamping and automatic assembly departments work in collaboration to assure that not just the whole switch but each part making up the switch stands for the high quality expected from MEC switches.

The quality assurance processes in molding and stamping department are there to gather statistics and notice trends in measurements of the parts and predict any future wear down of the tools.


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The switch series has 3 standard actuation forces and is only available in high temperature material in order to stand today´s advanced soldering processes. Furthermore, the switch can be supplied with one or two LEDs integrated on it in order to provide excellent illumination. Night vision (NVIS) LEDs are also available.




  • Lifetime: >10.000.000 cycles
  • Sealing: IP67
  • NO or NC/NO function
  • Standard actuation forces: 2.0, 3.5 or 6.5 N
  • Max actuation force:
    • Momentary: 115N for 60 sec (according to MIL-PRF-22885H)
    • NC/NO: 100N for 10 sec


More technical specifications and 3D files:





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