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Fingertip Hall Effect

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  • XS series

    The XS series is a two axis Hall effect joystick featuring a reduced panel height to provide precise fingertip control. Measuring in at less than 45mm, the XS allows for unimpeded access to other devices located on the control panel. This compact, low profile design reduces the risk of inadvertent operation as well as damage when mounted in handheld...

  • XF Series

    The XF Series joystick is a ruggedized finger operated joystick controller specifically engineered for vehicle applications. This new series is designed per the ISO 25197 standard and is rated to withstand 80lbf pull force across the X/Y axis and over 5Nm torque in the Z axis. With contactless Hall effect sensing, the XF Series provides long life...

  • JC series

    The JC series is a compact finger operated Hall effect joystick ideal for keyboard integration. Measuring at just 26mm below panel, the JC series is the perfect solution where space is limited and precision control is required. With over a dozen handle options, the JC series may be configured with up to three axis and two pushbuttons and features a...

  • 3000 Series

    The 3000 Series is the very latest generation in high precision contactless joysticks. With a class leading installed depth of <20mm, it is available in 1,2, or 3 axis formats. Long trouble-free life is assured with the latest Hall effect technology, providing a range of analog signals or custom PWM output options. The 3000 Series also delivers a...

  • HF Series

    The HF Series joystick is a contactless, multi-axis controller providing long life finger positioning control.  A compact, low-profile joystick utilizing non-contact Hall effect technology, the HF Series joystick is designed for low operating force, clean environment applications requiring enduring accuracy and precision.  Main features1, 2...

  • PC Series

    The PC series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller. Molded from high impact glass filled nylon for durability, this handheld device easily accommodates APEM’s TS series miniature proportional Thumbsticks and I series pushbutton switches. Available with USB or analog outputs, the PC series is configured to order and provides an...

  • BL Series

    The BL series paddle controls features the same exciting new design as the BH series, but in a smaller package... measuring at just 48 mm above panel. The compact footprint of the paddles allows for closer group installation of multiple paddles, perfect in applications such as vehicle arm rests, remote control portable boxes and various agricultural...

  • BF BD Series

    The BF / BD Series Paddles are the very latest generation in high precision contactless controls. It combines the features of a contactless single axis joystick and a switch, in one controller. Long trouble-free life is assured with the latest Hall effect technology, providing a range of analog, switched or custom PWM output options. The all new design...

  • BHN Series

    The BHN Series paddle control is the latest generation in high precision controllers, combining the features of a non-contact, single axis joystick with a smooth responsiveness at your fingertips. Hall effect technology ensures a long, trouble-free life for analog and switch outputs.This all new design with its innovative mechanism is ergonomically...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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