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A round cap with a slightly rounded top in 3 total building height options.
1S cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 3F or Illumec™ 4F series.

Main features

  • Ø6.5 mm
  • Standard cap colors: black and transparent

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Complementary products
  • 1SS

    A round cap with a slightly rounded top in 9 total building height options. 1SS cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 5E series.Main featuresØ6.5 mmStandard cap colors: blue, green, grey, yellow, white, red and black

  • Multimec™ 3F

    Multimec™ 3F series has an actuator extended out of the switch body and uses slide-on cap retention system. It also has a right angle version with an optional LED.Caps that can be mounted on Multimec™ 3F: 1D, 1E, 1F, 1GA, 1GC, 1K, 1KB, 1KC, 1N, 1P, 1Q, 1R, 1S, 1T, 1U, 1V, 1WA, 1WD, 1X and 1ZC. Main featuresh=10.4 mm10 x 10 mmMomentary NOIP67...

  • Varimec™

    Round and square caps with a flat top and rounded edges in 10 total height and 8 above the recess height possibilities - in total 2400 variations.Varimec™ cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 3E series.Main featuresØ5.2/ Ø7.8/ Ø11.6/ 5.2 x 5.2/ 7.8 x 7.8/ 11.6 x 11.6 mmStandard cap colors : blue, grey, yellow, red and black

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Ergonomics 1

Ergonomics 2


General specification

• Ø6.5 mm
• h=16.0/ 19.0/ 22.5 mm
• Standard colors: black and transparent
• Panel cut-out: Ø7.0 mm

Environmental specifications

• Temperature range:
-solid cap: -40/+65 °C
-transparent cap: -40/+85 °C


• Cap:
-solid color: ABS UL94HB
-illuminated: polycarbonate UL94HB

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