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  • 7000 series - PCB

    1 and 2 poles, panel and pc mount in numerous configurations. Silver or gold plated contacts, ratings up to 6 amps.Main features :Wide variety of actuators Many mounting styles for panel or PCBVDE, UL and CSA approved

  • PC Series

    The PC series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller. Molded from high impact glass filled nylon for durability, this handheld device easily accommodates APEM’s TS series miniature proportional Thumbsticks and I series pushbutton switches. Available with USB or analog outputs, the PC series is configured to order and provides an...

  • 18000 series

    Snap-action momentary pushbutton switches with many terminal, mounting, and special option selections.Main featuresSingle pole and double pole models Excellent tactile feedback. Ratings up to 1 amp with either gold over silver plated or gold plated brass contacts.Snap-in panel mounting version available.Panel or PC mount models

  • E10 Series

    Based LED lamps like the E10 Single-Chip replacement LED based Indicator products have many features and benefits over filament lamps. Main featuresAvailable in five LED Colours; Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and White at a standard 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC, 48VDC, 130VAC, 230VAC at a current of 8, 9, 17mA at various luminous intensities ranging from 105 to...

  • 57000 series - PCB

    VDE approved miniature rocker switches available in single and double pole configurations. Main features: Solder lug, straight and right angle PC terminals. Available with large, medium or small rocker/paddle actuator, in 9 different colours. Silver contactsUL and CSA approvals available.

  • CW Series

    The CW Series is a revolutionary Hall effect control wheel providing proportional control in one miniature axis. A spring return device, the CW is available with your choice of linear output options and wheel colors. Ideal applications include joystick, "gamepad", armrest and panel mount integration.Main featuresMiniature designDesigned for joysticks,...

  • AV series - 250 VAC

    The AV series is a wide range of pushbutton switches that offers the same robustness and aesthetics you’ve come to expect from APEM. Tested and qualified for impact resistance and sealing - IP and IK levels, these switches withstand all types of adversity (rain, frost, UV, vandalism) while offering a modern and stylish design. Main featuresBushing...

  • QH Series

    LED illuminated halo, designed to integrate with Ø16, Ø19 and Ø22 mm panel cutout switches, indicators and APEM's range of emergency stop switchesMain featuresAnti rotation pin as standardZero behind panel depth200 mm 26 AWG UL1061 wire terminationsPanel sealed up to IP67Ø22 mm oversized version for integration with APEM’s range of Emergency Stop...

  • AS series - PCB

    Single pole rocker switches in numerous electrical configurations. Black case, a variety of actuator colors, solder lug or straight pc terminals, silver or gold plated terminals. Ratings up to 4 amps.Main features :Double insulationEpoxy sealed terminalsUL and CSA approved

  • FR Series

    The APEM FR series is a single axis 3-position thumb controller, offering a Forward-Neutral-Reverse operation ideal for material handling, construction and agriculture applications. Featuring contactless Hall effect technology, the FR series is available with single or redundant outputs and is environmentally sealed to IP68. The FR series is designed...

  • 13000X778 - alternate series

    Double pole double throw alternate action pushbuttons with highly reliable contacts suitable for low level or power applications. Their double shell case construction provide extra mechanical strength. This range of professional pushbutton switches is suitable for use in military and other high specification environments. Associating compact size and...

  • FM series

    Single pole rocker switches, illuminated or non-illuminated with solder lug, quick connect or pc terminals. Rated up to 10 amps. Numerous actuator colors. Main features : For class II appliancesVDE and UL approvedProtection against moisture by double-shell case  : When the switch is submitted to moisture (drops, condensation), the double-shell case...

  • HR Series

    HR series thumbwheels uses proven non-contacting Hall effect technology, providing long life, precise linear voltage output. Designed for joystick handle and control grip integration, the HR series miniature size enables system designers to optimize the ergonomics and efficiency of their control systems.Main featuresSpring to center returnSealed to IP68...

  • AV series - 16 - momentary

    The AV Series pushbuttons offer attractive, robust and durable switches, available with different bushing diameters, actuator shapes, bushing and actuator materials. Anti-vandal or security models.Main featuresSecurity pushbutton switchesMomentary (NO)Models with flat or curved actuatorMarking availableOptionally sealed to IP65

  • S-SR series

    Panel and pc mount versions straight or right angle, single and double pole, silver or gold plated contacts. Numerous configurations and options available including UL agency approval. Many actuator options.Main features : Sealed : Secure assembly of the two case parts, internally sealed bushing, epoxy sealed terminals Process compatible : Wave...

  • HR Series - Friction Hold

    HR series proportional thumbwheels with friction hold allow for ultra-precise movement while permitting the user to hold the selection in a set position. Developed to equip the handles of joysticks, remote controls and armrests in harsh environments, they are available in 2 friction versions and with 2 different actuators. Backlighting option is...

  • AV series - 19 - Tactile

    The AV Series pushbuttons offer attractive, robust and durable switches, available with different bushing diameters, actuator shapes, bushing and actuator materials. Main featuresSecurity pushbutton switches Momentary (NO) Actuator and bushing : nickel plated, chrome plated, varnished polished or stainless steel Flat or curved actuator available...

  • SMT TR series

    Surface mount tiny washable rocker switches, single pole configurations.Main features Entirely designed for surface mountTape and reel packagingReflow solderableHigh temperature plastic materialsTin plated ground plateTerminal coating : tin alloy over nickel platingTerminals turned to the outside, preventing the shadow effect in infrared soldering and...

  • HS Series

    The HS Series miniature joystick is a single pole, MOM-OFF-MOM micro switching joystick. Numerous button styles are available and the HS series may be specified for 2-way, 4-way and 5-way operation.Main features5-way with center pushbutton optionPositive tactile feedbackMom-off-momentary actionThreaded bush mount optionSealed to IP68 and IP69Connectorized...

  • AV series - 19-22 - latching

    The AV Series pushbuttons offer attractive, robust and durable switches, available with different bushing diameters, actuator shapes, bushing and actuator materials. Main featuresSecurity pushbutton switchesLatchingActuator and bushing : nickel plated, chrome plated, varnished polished or stainless steel Flat or curved actuator available Illuminated...

  • TR series

    Subminiature rocker switches available in single and double pole with gold or silver plating. Main features :Sealed : Single piece case, o-ring seal between actuator and bushing, epoxy sealed terminalsWide variety of contact materialsSame PCB layout as TL, TP and TG tiny switches

  • A1 Series

    A range of 22 mm flush panel mounting push buttons and matching indicators, available latching and momentary with custom engraved screensMain featuresEnvironmental protection : IP65 Modular construction Electrical life : 50.000 cycles min. Screen engraving or insertable legends on request Approvals: UL, VDE

  • TS Series

    The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long life performance, the TS Series Thumbstick is available with multiple linear output options including single and dual (redundant) outputs. It is similar in size and operation to "gamepad" controls, but in a rugged...

  • MT series - PCB

    The MT is an environmentally sealed rocker switch that is actuated with a rocking motion. Multiple single functions available. Various contact materials that allow usage from dry circuit applications up to 4A.This sealed rocker switch comes in a single pole double throw (SPDT switch) package and is available in two or three positions; momentary and...

Showing 73 - 96 of 297 items

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