Multimec™ 5G

Multimec 5G

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Multimec™ 5G switch has a large diameter snap-on cap retention system and an actuator levelled with the switch body. The switch series has 3 standard actuation forces and is only available in high temperature material in order to stand today´s advanced soldering processes. Furthermore, the switch can be supplied with one or two LEDs integrated on it in order to provide excellent illumination. Night vision (NVIS) LEDs are also available.

Caps that fit Multimec™ 5G switches: 1A, 1B, 1DS, 1ES, 1FS, 1GAS, 1GCS, 1H, 1IS, 1JS, 1KS, 1KBS, 1KCS, 1LS, 1M, 1NS, 1PS, 1QS, 1RS, 1SS, 1TS, 1US, 1VS, 1WAS, 1WDS, 1WPS, 1XS, 1ZA, 1ZB, 1ZCS, 1Z, 1ZW, 10R, 10RF, 10RM, 10Q, 10QM, 10C and Aquamec™.

Main features

  • h=6.4 mm
  • 10 x 10 mm
  • Momentary
  • NO or NCNO
  • IP67 sealing
  • 10,000,000 cycle
  • SMD, TH or through-hole RAS
  • illumination possibility

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General specification

• Through-hole (TH) or surface mount (SMD) or non-illuminated right angle though-hole
• 50mA/24VDC
• Single pole/momentary
• 10,000,000 operations lifetime (NO function)
• Temperature range:
Switch: -40/+160°C
LED: -40/+85°C
• IP 67 sealing
• Actuation force: 2.0N, 3.5N, 6.5N
• NO or NC/NO

Environmental specifications

• Working temperature: -40/+160°C
• Storage temperature: -40/+160°C
• 5G with LED (working & storage temp): Min -30°C Max +85°C
• Soldering (TH): IEC 68-2-20 8
• Soldering (SMD): JEDEC J-STD-020C
• Temperature: +40°C
• Humidity: 93% RH
• Duration: 56 Days
• Temperature limit: -55/+85°C
• Number of cycles: 200
• Exposure time at each temperature: 10 min
• Recovery time before measurements: 16 hrs
• Sealing IEC 529: IP-67

Electrical specifications

• Contact resistance: <30m Ω - typ. 10m Ω
• Insulation resistance: >10M Ω
• Recommended load:
Silver- 0.5μ-50mA 24VDC
Gold - 0.5μ-50mA 24VDC
• Contact bounce: <2mS - typically 0.5mS


• Housing: PPS UL94V0
• Actuator: PPS UL94V0
• Sealing + spring: Silicone rubber
• Contact spring:
Silver - Stainless steel: + 3μAg
Gold - Stainless steel + 1μAu
• Fixed contacts:
Silver - SnCu + 2μNi + 3μAg
Gold - SnCu + 2μNi + 1μAu
Terminals: SnCu + 2μNi + 3μSn100

mechanical specifications

• Standard actuation force (switch):
NO - 2.0N, 3.5N, 6.5 N
• Max. Actuation force without cap:
NO - 115N for 60 sec (according to MIL-PRF-22885H)
NC/NO - 100N for 10 sec
• Key travel (switch): 1 mm
• Lifetime:
NO - >10,000,000 cycles
NC/NO - >1,000,000 cycles



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