TS Series LED


TS Series now available with LED backlighting style actuator.


1  New illumination option


APEM, Inc. will expand its TS series Thumbstick range to include a patented LED backlighting option. The TS series is a miniature joystick featuring contactless Hall effect technology to provide long life proportional control. 


With a total current draw no greater than 16 mA,the new LED Thumbstick option is ideally suited for wireless remote control applications where visibility is low and battery life and power consumption are critical.


Mark Petersen Mark
Joystick Product Manager

Mark began his career at APEM in Product Management in 2009 with over 15 years of technical marketing experience.

As the company’s “go-to guy” for all things joystick related, Mark is an integral part in the design, development & marketing of the industrial controller product line.


TS Series: a backlighted mini-joystick

2  LED backlighting


The Thumbstick’s new backlighting option utilizes an overmolded polycarbonate “Castle” style actuator to effectively diffuse the LED and provide illumination over a wide viewing angle. 

Both red and blue color options are available. 




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