Membrane keyboard technology



Cost-effective and quick-to-market panel technology

Membrane keypad technology carries out switching functions and enhances the final product with a tailored decorative appearance. It consists of several layers of printed polyester and adhesive.

There are three types of membrane keypads:

Without tactile feedback

With tactile feedback: by embossing

With tactile feedback: by snap dome

Membrane keyboard technology can be provided with or without a PCB. Learn the benefits of each in the below two videos or read further below the videos.


Membrane on PCB

Protection against the environment

For over three decades our customers have asked for sealed membrane keypad solutions. To deliver this we have mastered these three design rules:

  • Layout
  • Quality and surface of the adhesive
  • Material thickness
  • Plus, as a special protection - you can have the top material processed to resist chemicals or UV light or kill microbes.


When EMC/ESD standard is required, we recommend a shielded solution. This can be applied to keys and decoration but also for transparent windows.

Process repeatability

A strong process control is the key for not just delivering golden samples but also a golden mass production that can last decades.

Add intelligence with a PCB

Using membrane keypad technology on a PCB provides the opportunity to add a communication protocol and more complex backlighting.

Membrane panel solution is a smart choice for:

  • Mobile applications due to lightness
  • Little volume or high customization projects due to limited investment
  • When time to market is important as the assembly is quick
  • Outdoor applications that require full sealing from the front, meaning no gap between the keys and front face
  • Thin and intelligent design is required

Application areas:

  • Medical equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Material handling

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