Elastomeric technology



A very flexible solution – elastomerIC technology

Elastomer technology is based on silicone. The material gets compression molded into a panel design to fit the customer needs. Contact is established with snap domes or pills on a flexible or a rigid PCB.

Find more out about this rubber solution, its key benefits and application areas in the video or read below.

Design flexibility

The technology allows for any shape, color or surface feel of the keys, with marking and illumination available. Furthermore, the tactile feel of the keys can be adjusted with changes in the thickness and shape of the rib design.


As the solution is molded of rubber and pressed against the front panel when mounted, the technology provides a good sealing from the external environment. Elastomer solution can support up to IP69K level sealing.

Time-to-market and cost

Using compression molding means the production process is less complex to create and maintain making it quicker to go from design to production.

Elastomer panel technology is a good choice when the customer needs:

  • A handheld outdoor application due to sealing and light weight
  • An ergonomic key design due to flexibility in the molding
  • A unique tactile feedback because the travel and force can be adjusted with the rib design

Applications area

  • Construction equipment
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Defense

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