Capacitive and piezoelectric keypads: safe and customizable

Keyboards are needed everywhere in fields ranging from medical technology to safety applications and input devices in public areas up to countless applications in industry. They not only have to work reliably long-term but must also be easy to clean and disinfect. APEM, the leading international switch manufacturer, offers a wide range of customizable keyboard solutions to fulfill these high requirements and highlights today the capacitive and piezoelectric control panels. 



1 Capacitive keyboards offer modern solutions for industry and end user applications

These keyboards boast a high-quality design, are extremely robust, and have a flat surface which makes them particularly easy to clean. The capacitive keyboards do not have any mechanical wear, are shielded against electromagnetic interference (EMI), impact-resistant and additionally protected against flowing or splashing water. Therefore, they are ideally suited for high-end devices particularly in harsh environments and sensitive or safety-critical areas like medical technology, security and access applications or high-tech industrial applications.
The specific electronics of the capacitive keyboards can be combined with communication protocols such as CAN-Bus and USB as well as with individual keys, sliders and wheels. The interface design, which is also specific, can also be adjusted flexibly to customer requirements or constraints.

1 Piezoelectric keypads offer the highest level of sealing

Piezoelectric keypads from APEM/IDEC are primarily used in situations requiring absolute sealing from fluids and dust. This, for example, includes publicly accessible input devices as well as medical technology systems or access applications. The touch-sensitive piezoelectronic keyboards can only be activated with a real touch and also do not use any power. Furthermore, they are also protected against frost, resistant against abrasion, easy to clean and stand out optically thanks to their smooth aluminum front face in a modern design. They can also be individualized and integrated in many different manners. The corresponding options include variable dimensions on the front, anodized colors, long life marking, backlighting, front or rear mounting as well as the possibility to connect the keypad with an emergency stop, for example.

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