All you need to know to make the right choice when selecting a switch for your application


Even if a switch is a seemingly simple component, the reality is much more complex… And the situation gets more complicated when it must be integrated into a particular application.

The front panel must consider all parameters that will boost the end user’s comfort. The back side must fit all your integration requirements.

When you must compile all these specifications into a single switch, you really need to rely on a trustworthy partner to make the right decisions!



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Christophe Moreau is an APEM Product Marketing Manager, dedicated to the switch range.

Christophe joined APEM in 1996 and for 5 years was part of the Engineering Team, designing products. He then moved to the Product Marketing Team, delivering customized service and technical recommendations to our customers to help them designing the best solution, whatever the application may be.

Soon celebrating 20 years as Product Marketing Manager, Christophe is clearly an unbeatable expert in switches!

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