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The Rockermec™ solution consists of two Multimec™ 5E switches, a sealing that also provides functionality and a rocker cap called 10A.
Rockermec™ is a compact solution for your high design-in requirements: it has small dimensions, aesthetic design and it is sealed to IP67.
Illumination is provided with LEDs on the PCB so you can pick the exact colors you want for your application, even RGB. Furthermore, solution is modular and therefore provides design consistency when multiple rockers are required with different need for cap print, color, and switch actuation force.

Main features

  • 10.6 x 28 mm
  • h=12.15
  • Panel sealed to IP67
  • Lifetime (Sealing): 500,000 cycles
  • Standard cap colors: grey, red, black and frosted white
  • Standard legend options available
  • Available as a module

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Complementary products
  • 1VS

    A half-ellipse shaped cap with a rounded top and optional front panel sealing to IP65. The 1VS cap together with 1TS can be designed into a navigation unit or a keyboard.1VS cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 5G series.Main features10.4 x 13.25 mmStandard cap colors: blue, grey, red, black and frosted white

  • 1ZCS

    A round cap with a convex top. The cap is available in three legend types: pad print, reverse print and hard paint laser etched. 1ZCS cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 5G series.Main featuresØ14.3 mmStandard cap colors: grey, white, red, black, frosted white, ultra blue, dusty blue, aqua blue, metal dark blue, metal light grey, metal dark grey and metal...

  • Single Switch Module

    Single Switch Module is a module for a single Multimec™ switch and cap. Main featuresModule size: 22 x 37 mm Standard switch: Multimec™ 5G Switches mountable: 3A, 3E, 3C, 3F (non-illuminated), 4F, 5E and 5G

  • Multimec™ 5E

    Multimec™ 5E switch has a small diameter snap-on cap retention system and an actuator extended out of the switch body. 5E is only available in high temperature material in order to stand today´s advanced soldering processes.Caps available for 5E are: 1SS, 1PS, 1YS/1YAS and Rockermec™ solution.Main featuresh=6.4 mm10 x 10 mmMomentaryNO or NC/NO (NC/NO...

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General specification

• 10.6 x 28.0 mm
• h=12.15 mm
• Standard colors:
-solid color: grey, red and black
-transparent color: frosted white
• Two standard print options: pad print or hard paint laser etched
• Panel cut-out: 11.0 x 28.4 mm

Environmental specifications

• Front panel sealing to IP67
• Temperature range:
-solid cap: -40/+65 °C
-transparent cap: -40/+85 °C


• Cap:
-solid color: ABS UL94HB
-illuminated: polycarbonate UL94HB

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