Metal Enhanced Capacitive switch panels

Metal Enhance Capacitive

New product

Mixing the advantages of both capacitive technology and mechanical push in order to provide your HMI a new look - together with the endless possibilities provided by electronics for the control and illumination scenarios.

The number and the position of large 18 mm round keys are totally customizable, just like illumination and marking. The customer can create a tailor-made keypad for his application.

Customization possibilities

    • Dimensions
    • Layout /marking
    • Illuminated halo and function light (color, blinking, … )
    • Back material /cover
    • Mechanical fixations
    • Contact: normally close or long press detection
    • Outputs: Communication protocol, cable and connector


The robust and sealed construction of this control panel ensures reliable use even in harsh environments.

  • Outdoor security
  • Industrial process
  • Special vehicles

Main features

  • Metal front frame (stainless steel 316L)
  • 18 mm round keys: number/position, Illumination & marking customizable
  • Robust & Sealed
  • Multi keys & Long press possible
  • Long life: “metal capacitive”

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