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Product Catalogs

In this section you will find a selection of our product ranges, among the most emblematic ones. Take a look at them and reach our sales network if you’d like to order some !

APEM Components


Discover our brochure to get an overview of APEM's technical expertise and component capabilities for panel switches, pcb switches and led indicators.

APEM Solutions

Brochure - Your projects, our solutions

We have gathered an overview of the know-how we have accumulated regarding Panel solutions into one brochure. Find out which technology or mix of technologies suit the best for your application with the advice of our experts.

APEM Components


If you are looking for a strong partnership and technical excellence to develop and build your joystick, you can now see in one blink why APEM can be a trustful provider. Whatever you need for your application desktop, handgrip, fingertip or thumb control joystick.

Product guide


From switch panel to dip switch, toggle switch panel to led indicator light, capacitive keyboard or rubber keypad to hall effect or potentiometer joystick, find out an overview of the APEM offer available with selection guides to help you quickly find APEM solutions by product range.

HMI catalog

HMI catalog

In this technical catalog, you will find in a single place key features, technical specifications, mounting drawings and a selection of the most typical models for APEM ranges, including panel and PCB switches, LED indicators and joysticks.

Catalog printed in February 2017. For up-to-date technical information, please refer to the relevant series under “Our products”.

MEC catalogue

MEC product catalog

Dedicated to MEC branded products, this brochure gathers selection guides and technical information about MEC tactile PCB switches and their specific caps.

Selection guides

Convenient selection guides to have in 2 pages, all our standard products, range by range, and assist you in exploring our offer.

Swicthes Selection guide

Selection guide - panel switches

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right panel mounted switch.

PCB Selection guide

Selection guide - PCB switches

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right PCB switch.

Joysticks Selection guide

Selection guide - Joysticks

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right joystick.

LEDs Selection guide

Selection guide - LED indicators

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right LED indicator.

eStops Selection guide

Selection guide - emergency stops

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right emergency stop switch.

MEC Selection guide

Selection guide - MEC Switches

A convenient and detailed selection guide to assist you in finding the right MEC PCB switch.


APEM solutions address many industrial markets, where performance and ergonomic needs are high, even in harsh environments. Find out on our dedicated HMI solutions for your own business sector.


BROCHURE - Agricultural machinery

Discover APEM’s complete product solutions that have been designed, qualified and fully tested to withstand the demanding environments undergone by agricultural vehicles and equipment.


BROCHURE - Health sector

Easy-to-clean solutions, standard or customizable switches or keyboards for medical applications or industrial components for the health-related industry, find our selection of products for the medical market.


BROCHURE - Construction machinery

Construction machinery and other heavy-duty vehicles needs robust, reliable and ergonomic HMI. Check out which one APEM can provide to allows your application to withstand harsh environments.

Material Handling

BROCHURE - Material handling

Material handling equipment have to handle dust, water, shock and vibrations and still be reliable to guaranteed operator safety. Explore APEM’s dedicated offer in this brochure.


BROCHURE - Security

The standard use of resistant materials like stainless steel or flame-retardant plastics and robust contact mechanisms ensure the durability of our products. Find out our selection of HMI dedicated to the security market to best match your equipment needs.


BROCHURE - Defense

APEM has more than 65 years’ experience in the defense industry. Explore in this brochure our broad range of military-grade HMI components, including pushbutton and toggle switches, indicators and joysticks for military ground equipment applications.


This section is dedicated to our sales partners. The access to our library of sales flyers (available in English, French and German) is private. If you do not yet have access, please send us a request.

XS Series


New xs fingertip joystick offers reduced height for easy navigation in small spaces.

Q8 series : low power


Low power indicators improve battery life with reduction up to 90% in power consumption while still retaining high performance illumination.

Q8 series : high contrast


High contrast led indication is designed for applications when a sharp focus is needed. The unmistakable on/off status improves viewers certainty in safety critical applications.

10D + 10DWY


Elegant round cap with a nice feel for your applicationwhere the enviornment is demanding.

Rockermec series


A PCB rocker solution for your demanding and modern application. Easy, quick, fool-proof and space-saving rocker solution.

Ultranavimec series


Simple and aesthetic navigational solution for applications where space is limited and environment is demanding.

EC series for PCB


Product designers now have a safe mounting for a PCB emergency stop switch when developing compact control panels with limited behind-panel space.

Metal Enhanced Capacitive Keypads


Combines the advantages of both capacitive technology and mechanical push to provide your HMI with a new look - together with the endless possibilities offered by electronics for control and illumination scenarios.

WP & WPG series


APEM brings you a high-performance switch for interface solutions that need to be easily identifiable: the WP series pushbutton features a wide activation surface to increase the visibility of your critical functions.

FNR series


APEM releases a new miniature, fully sealed rocker switch ergonomically designed for effortless forward/reverse control. easy integration and maximum comfort.

HR series Infinite wheels


APEM’S HR Infinite wheel proposes a new way to integrate encoders in grips and control panels to maximize ergonomics and improve final user accuracy in menu navigation or fine machine settings.

XD series RT handle


The XD series rt handle is particularly suited for applications where ergonomics are as important as technical performance.

Q25/Q30 series


Suitable for high pressure jet washdown the Q25 & Q30 are a perfect fit for material handling or off-highway vehicle applications where reverse voltage and over voltage protection is required and with low heat generation these are suitable for mounting into heat sensitive plastics.

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