Safe Break action : The IDEC original “fail-safe” solution for E-stops



IDEC X-series switches use “Safe Break action”, a unique reverse-energy structure that disconnects normally closed contacts, guaranteeing shut-off even if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks separate.


  • Improper installation or excessive force may render Conventional E-stops incapable of stopping a machine.
  • In the event the switch is damaged due to excessive shocks, the NC contacts will turn off, thus stopping the machine (patented design).
  • By automatically turning off the machine when the contact block or actuator are improperly installed or damaged, all IDEC E-stops meet or exceed International safety standards (ISO 13850 and EN60947-5-5).
Vivien Rineau Vivien
Product Manager

Vivien joined APEM in February 2018 and comes from the world of the electrical distribution networks.
He is now the Product managers for IDEC switches in Europe, based in France.
Vivien is now talking “IDEC references” as mother tongue!

Nickname: "Excel Master". He is talented enough to code large programs, using only excel macros!





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Check conception differences between Conventional Estops and IDEC Fail Safe Design:

Conventional Estops

Fail Safe Design

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