Capacitive keyboards


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APEM develops and produces capacitive keyboards. These keyboards meet the requirements of industrial and professional markets as well as the trends of the consumer market:


  • Modern, attractive and smooth interface
  • Easy to clean
  • Very robust
  • No mechanical wear
  • Water sealed and immune to waves

Made of polycarbonate or glass filled materials, these keypads meet the strict requirements of critical applications including shock resistance.



Capacitive keyboards find applications in the following fields:

  1. Medical
  2. Security and access control
  3. Industry
  4. High-end equipment



  1. Based on the capacitive technology, with dedicated electronics
  2. Technology applicable to individual keys, sliders and wheels
  3. Resistant to harsh environments, EMI shielded
  4. Protected against flowing or splashing water
  5. Dedicated electronics, can be combined with communication protocols (CANBus, USBÉ)
  6. Specific interface design, adaptation to customer mechanical constraints

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