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The original concept of Navimec™ has left its teenage years behind, come along as we look back on its development story.

It is 2001, the year Wikipedia goes online, and Microsoft launches Windows XP, and a local Danish producer of electronics for music industry approaches MEC with a design concept. They need a navigational unit that can be intuitively used. Their house designer has come up with how it should look in the panel, but the question is: Can MEC make it function?

The challenge goes to Jens, the product designer at the time and after some concept planning, he decides to base the outer caps on the award-winning hinge type cap retention system on Multimec™ 3A. This gives an illusion that the outer caps are connected to the center part. Round center cap gets mounted on the younger brother Multimec™ 3F.

The colors get picked, legends get printed and the customer loves it. So much so, that they allow us to introduce it as a standard product the following year.

The increasing interest in illuminated products lead to MEC introducing a new switch line, Illumec™, in 2005. This trend also meant that MEC was looking into methods of making an illuminated Navimec™ option available. First, we tried reverse printing, but due to the surface curved pad printing, was not optimal for all customers. It is when we managed the technology to fully paint and laser mark legends that the illuminated Navimec™ really gets its fine design.

Then the need for a panel sealed navigational solution arises. A five-piece solution is near impossible to seal in a simple way. So, in 2010 MEC product designer Jimmy gets assigned to the task. He comes up with a one cap solution we now know as Controlmec™ and bases the solution on Multimec™ 5 series which was brand new at the time. The cap gets snapped in to the 5G switch in the center and with a spacer lying on top of the outer four switches and a sealing pushed into the bottom of the cap. This solution uses the pressure of the front panel to create IP67 level of panel sealing.

As years go by, Navimec™ reaches new heights and Controlmec gets a foot solidly in the market. However, the electronics are getting more compact and PCB space becomes more limited.

MEC takes on the challenge one more time and with the introduction of a new switch line Ultramec and its low-profile option, a more compact navigational solution becomes a reality. So in 2020 the most remarkable year in the recent MEC history, the latest Navimec™ option gets introduced to the market. It is compact in size as well as the amount of space it takes on the PCB, it is panel sealed, and it can be illuminated. With its great design, nice tactile feel, while being reliable and robust, it is the whole package.

So there is only one question left: What´s next?

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