The New Generation of Engineers


The New Generation of Engineers

Eltronika, APEM's distributor in Poland provided APEM panel switches for a formula racing car that was designed and manufactured by students.

It is important to make sure that new generations of engineers get some practical experience in their field during their studies, which is why the University of Technology in Rzeszów, Poland has a race car building team.

PRz Racing team was created by students who shared a passion for motorization and had the drive to compete at the highest level in the world. The purpose of this team of future engineers is to design and manufacture a fully proprietary racing vehicle, based on the popular PC37 drive unit, and compete at the “Formula Student” competitions. They have now finished their third version of the racing car and the results from several years of research work is gaining nationwide awards and much deserved recognition in the automotive industry.

Eltronika, the APEM distributor in Poland, had the pleasure of providing switches for the third edition. The students used APEM’s IPR5, IPR1 and ISR3 on their steering wheel. This third version racing car took part in 3 “Formula Student” editions in Italy, Netherlands, and Andorra, plus a few motor shows.

However, this is not the end of the road for this program as the students have already asked for more switches for their next project

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