A new, completely sealed rocker switch, ideal for mounting on control levers


APEM is launching its new FNR series: a new, completely watertight rocker switch, specially designed for easy forward & reverse control. This rocker switch was developed to maximize the user comfort without compromising on efficiency, by keeping a very intuitive operation.


Christophe and Hanh, product managers for APEM switches, present the FNR series.

Being extremely well sealed, this rocker switch is particularly suited for demanding environments, especially on all-in-one joystick controls. Circular in shape (20 mm dia.) and with LED resistors embedded, it can be easily mounted and installed on a control lever.

The FNR series is ergonomically optimized and has excellent tactile effect. Whether it is mounted on the forward side of the joystick or on the lever, its ergonomically designed size and height means that the final user experience is more intuitive. Handling is comfortable and precise, even when used repeatedly.

Because of the vertical integration of all our production phases, this new rocker switch can be personalized for backlighting (5 colors available), markings, extra sealing, flying leads output (type and length) and connectors.




  • SIL2 compatible
  • Millions of cycle B10d value
  • IP69K
  • LED resistors embedded

Solderlug terminals

Flying leads terminals

Flying leads + connector terminals


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