IDEC & ez-Wheel partnership
to disrupt the mobile robot market

IDEC and ez-Wheel announce a strategic partnership aiming at disrupting the mobile robot booming market with integrated safety solutions.

IDEC will strengthen its offer for mobile robots with ez-Wheel offer. This includes the SWD (Safety Wheel Drive) range aiming at simplifying safety and optimizing integration of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

With the acceleration of automation and the increased use of robots to address the aging of the workforce and labor shortages, more and more companies in many industries are developing and using AGVs and AMRs. We expect this market to grow by 25% per year in the coming years and believe the new offer will support this market trend by reducing the cost and time to design AMRs while ensuring a harmonious collaboration with humans.

On January 24th, 2022, the Japanese IDEC industrial automation group and the French start up ez-Wheel signed a strategic partnership agreement.

ez-Wheel will benefit from IDEC industrial competences, a robust sales network, an expertise in functional safety, and safety products already used worldwide on AGVs and AMRs. As a first step IDEC will launch officially in Japan, on an exclusive basis, all available ez-Wheel products in March 2022. This range is composed of:

  • The series 150/160/300, autonomous electric wheels integrating motor and batteries to power any rolling equipment to load handling or people transportation, quickly and easily. Typical applications are motorized carts in manufacturing, logistics and medical.
  • The new SWD range with SWD Core, a safety gear motor integrating all the functions needed for mobile robotics, and SWD 150, the first Safety Wheel Drive with integrated batteries for AGVs and AMRs. SWD range simplifies safety for companies making AGVs and AMRs (OEMs, end users, system integrators, universities…) and therefore help them to comply with the new ISO3691-4 safety standard. In addition this range offers a unique integration that reduces the production cost of the AGVs/AMRs, drastically reduces their development costs, accelerate their time to market and simplify their architecture by 50%.

Ez Wheel

IDEC is already well known in the Material Handling and Robotics markets, selling many key components such as emergency stop switches and laser scanners. With this partnership, we intend to eventually offer to our customers a full solution to build their AGVs and AMRs, including software.

“IDEC mission is to create the optimum environment for humans and machines. ez-Wheel offer is not only fully in line with this mission but also with 2 key market trends: improve people wellbeing at work and make the transition towards mobile robotics safe. ez-Wheel offer can be combined with IDEC safety products to make a unique integrated solution with a SIL2/Pld functional safety level. It disrupts the way to build AGV and AMR” explains Kawanaka-san, IDEC Executive Officer in charge of Sales in Japan.

IDEC will exhibit ez-Wheel products at IIFES 2022 (27th and 28th January, Tokyo) and IREX 2022 (9th to 12th March, Tokyo) trade shows. “We are delighted to have found in IDEC a powerful industrial partner with expertise in safety, a strong sales force, a recognized brand and outstanding service" commented Antoine Juan, ez-Wheel CEO.

About IDEC: Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, IDEC Corporation is a global manufacturer known worldwide for over 75 years for its reliable control and automation products. In Europe IDEC, through its daughter company APEM, has representation in over twenty countries to assist customers with choosing the right switches, relays, power supplies, PLCs, Operator Interfaces, sensors and more. A leader in the industry, IDEC produces only the highest quality products. For additional information, visit
or contact Sylvie Bouquerel, Head of Communications: [email protected]

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