More effective cleaning


Nowadays, more and more applications need to have complete sealing to ensure an effective and easy to clean surface. APEM offers a SIMPLE, QUICK, ECONOMIC AND EFFECTIVE solution to prevent the transmission of pathogenic agents and protect users. 


Sealing boot protection

By adding a rubber boot to the switches, the gaps between the operator and the bezel, where microbes can enter even with a stringent cleaning process, are no longer reachable.
Moreover, the boot increases the resistance and sealing of your application against repeated use of disinfectant. 


Sealed products



Most switches available in the APEM-IDEC range, offer a rubber boot that does not require a major modification to the design, therefore providing an immediate sealing solution to new & existing applications.

It is therefore an immediately applicable solution for future equipment but also for existing equipment.


Sealing boot protection:
  • flexible
  • quick to install  
  • easy to clean
  • protects your application





Many options exist for our APEM or IDEC products, please contact your sales representative for additional information.

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