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IDEC & APEM took part with Eltronika at ITM Polska the leading trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe for the 4.0 Industry.
Our specialists were only too delighted to go through our range of HMI products.
ITM Polska



1  Creating global safety solutions

Together, IDEC and APEM are now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of human machine interface (HMI) components, panels and systems.

The combined entity has a broad portfolio of HMI, Safety, Panel and Automation products designed for a variety of Industrial applications, and access to markets across Europe, North America and Asia.


2 Some of APEM - IDEC products




IX Series


IX Series: a compact, reliable switch


APEM’s popular I series range of pushbuttons evolves with the IX series, designed to meet demanding markets.

The IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch and 12 mm diameter compact bushing and flexible elastomer membrane actuator.

IX series is recommended for harsh environments.




Q Series

Q series

LUMIFA Series : a large range of industrial LED lighting units



The APEM range of LED indicators is one of the broadest on the market and has a modern and attractive design.

Q series indicators are developed and manufactured to meet high standard  of durability, performance and environmental properties.


3 Operator safety is our priority!


In our relentless pursuit to be the leading manufacturer of safety products and solutions, we will continuously strive to meet requests of our customers for their safety and security needs.


4 IDEC's Estop Switches

IDEC emergency stop switches transformed the way E-stops are designed by utilizing “Safe Break Action” technology to ensure a machine will stop.


IDEC X Series Switches


IDEC Estop technology

X Series: with X series emergency stop switches, the potential energy level of the latched status is lower than that of normal status. In the event the switch is damaged due to excessive shocks, the NC contacts will turn off, thus stopping the machine (patented design).


By automatically turning off the machine when the contact block or actuator are improperly installed or damaged, all IDEC E-stops meet or exceed International safety standards (ISO 13850 and EN60947-5-5) and reduce the effects of these failures.







IDEC offers solutions for the safe interface of human and robots.

Safety Laser Scanner, SE2L  Series



SE2L Series : ultra compact!



  • Smallest in the market (80x80x95mm) with long sensing range (5.3M)

  • Master & Slave connectivity (up to 4 devices networked)

  • Up to 32 defined patterns



New IDEC product guide contains selection guides on IDEC 4 product families to assist you in finding the right product.

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