Exclusive look and feel



Enrich the user experience with exclusive look and feel

APEM launches a ground-breaking new option to the MEC range that allows you to use deco insert with the material of your choice to match the keycap to the environment and therefore provide a unique user experience for your application.

Main benefits

1Match the keycap with the environment

2Build your own cap

3Exclusive look and feel

Main applications

  • Automotive
  • Smart homes & furniture
  • Yachts
  • First class travel
  • High-end audio
  • High-end kitchen appliances

Technical Features
  • Ø22.0 mm
  • Total height 13.9-15.4 mm
  • Below panel height 12.0 mm
  • Deco insert thickness: 1-2.5 mm
  • Materials for deco insert:
    • Brown leather
    • Black leather
    • Walnut veneer
    • Material of your choice
  • Options for the ring:
    • Aluminum Chrome
    • Shiny chrome
    • Plastic ABS or PC
    • Metal coating of your choice
  • Mounted on Multimec 5G series
    • >10M activations
    • IP67
    • 2.0N, 3.5N and 6.5N activation force option
Expert's advice

Morten Højdevang,
Marketing Product Manager
PCB switches

The Designmec 10X series provides an exceptional solution to take the haptic of your HMI control panel to the next level.
Using switch caps that match your environment is a small but impactful way of enhancing the visual and tactile experience of the end user.
Only your imagination is the limit for the choice of material of the click area.

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