Easy identification of
your function with the WP series


Apem offers you a new high performance momentary switch for interfaces that must be easily identifiable:
The WP Series push button increases visibility of your critical functions with its extra-large activation surface.

Hanh Lin, Switch Product Manager at APEM, introduces you to the WP series.

Visibility, reliability and robustness

This new interface allows a quick and clear identification of the function with a large format personalized laser marking and an anodized 25 mm diameter bearing area which can be tinted in blue, black, green or red.

The WP series has been developed for military or outdoor applications in extreme climatic conditions and meets the waterproof and reliability needs of these particularly demanding sectors: IP67 and IP69K, 50,000 cycles, double pole, ...

To obtain a very robust product, our engineers have multiplied the options: A metal collar protects the interface 360 ° side impact. It has been developed with side openings to facilitate the evacuation of water which could freeze in sub-zero temperatures. The pusher is anodized for better resistance to wear and corrosion. And finally, a specific metal security cover has been designed to prevent unwanted activation especially when the product is positioned outdoors.



Main features:

  • Large diameter pusher (25 mm)
  • IP67 and IP69K
  • Double pole
  • Momentary electrical function
  • PCB, wire, solderlug outputs
  • Compact under pane

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