APEM strengthens its commitment to CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing concern for companies all around the world. APEM takes this responsibility to heart and makes every effort to strengthen its commitment launching impactful projects. The group has decided to increase their commitment even more to this virtuous approach, focusing on 5 priority areas:






October is « Earth Month ». APEM has decided to focus on environmental aspects and has launched a major contest among its 1,400 employees around the world by asking everyone to share their ideas for better environmental protection.

The objective is clear: helping the company reduce its environmental footprint. Employees have 3 weeks to propose an idea they would like to see implemented.

How can we, as an international industrial company, improve the way we live and work to protect our environment?

This is far from being only a theory. APEM is committed to deploying the winning initiative within the group in the coming months by continuing its efforts to limit its environmental impact. Reducing waste, recycling more, switching to green energy…, all ideas that will be carefully considered.

This contest is only one step in APEM’s commitment to taking care of the world around us. We will take environmental aspects into account and continue to engage in a safer and more sustainable planet.

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