• Single speed control


    Joysticks are becoming more and more complex in order to incorporate all the possibilities for which innovation in technology allows.

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  • Solution for your small vehicle


    APEM launches a new panel sealed solution to provide basic functionality to small vehicles that drive on the road.

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  • Metal capacitive technology


    APEM metal enhanced capacitive technology mixes the advantages of both the plastic capacitive and the piezo technology to provide your HMI a new look and feel.

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  • FNR functionality


    FNR refers to Forward, Neutral, and Reverse. The FNR directional switch is used to control the direction of a vehicle.

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  • Thumbsticks and where to use them


    The thumbstick as we know it today first made an appearance in the gaming world in the late 1980s when the idea to use your thumbs as control digits was implemented on a new handheld controller.

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  • Let's think big


    The figures prove it: more and more customers rely on APEM.

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