• Chain reactions


    The HMI market is facing a doubly tense situation:

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  • Start/Stop functionality


    The Start/Stop functionality basically allows to start and stop the engine of a vehicle in a simple way and brings a modern touch to the control interface.

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  • Single speed control


    Joysticks are becoming more and more complex in order to incorporate all the possibilities for which innovation in technology allows.

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  • Solution for your small vehicle


    APEM launches a new panel sealed solution to provide basic functionality to small vehicles that drive on the road.

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  • Metal capacitive technology


    APEM metal enhanced capacitive technology mixes the advantages of both the plastic capacitive and the piezo technology to provide your HMI a new look and feel.

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  • FNR functionality


    FNR refers to Forward, Neutral, and Reverse. The FNR directional switch is used to control the direction of a vehicle.

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