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  • KH series

    Designed for harsh environments, KH series rocker switches are protected against accidental actuation with a protection guard. Featuring IP69K front panel sealing as standard, the KH series is the most robust product of the K range. Due to its panel seal, this series is perfectly adapted to the harshest environments (high pressure cleaners, dust, salt...

  • Controlmec™ - 1ZW (sealed)

    Controlmec™ is a round five position integrated PCB switch solution to control a unit, navigate in a display or operate auxiliary equipment. 1ZW is Controlmec™ with panel sealing.The solution is available as a module as well as single parts for own PCB mounting. Illuminated version is available with a frosted white cap that is painted black and legends...

  • S series

    These washable miniature toggle switches with plain bushing  are specially designed for flow soldering at 260°C during 5 seconds owing to high-temperature polymer parts. Main featuresSecure assembly of the two case partsInternally sealed bushingEpoxy sealed terminalsProcess compatible: Wave solderable and washableOptional ESD protectionA cap U3012...

  • Aquamec™

    A round front panel sealed to IP67 solution that can be illuminated. Aquamec™ solution is mounted on Multimec™ 5G series.Main features10.1 x 12.5 mmStandard cap colors: black and transparent

  • SF series

    These washable miniature toggle switches with insulated threaded bushing are especially designed for flow soldering at 260 °C during 5 seconds owing to high temperature polymer parts. Main features :Insulated threaded bushingProcess sealedFront and rear sealingOptional ESD protection A cap U3012 provide additional protection during PCB processing,...

  • Varimec™

    Round and square caps with a flat top and rounded edges in 10 total height and 8 above the recess height possibilities - in total 2400 variations.Varimec™ cap series is mounted on Multimec™ 3E series.Main featuresØ5.2/ Ø7.8/ Ø11.6/ 5.2 x 5.2/ 7.8 x 7.8/ 11.6 x 11.6 mmStandard cap colors : blue, grey, yellow, red and black

  • IX series

    APEM’s popular I series range of pushbuttons is now evolving with the new IX series, designed to meet demanding markets. The IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch, a 12 mm diameter compact bushing and a flexible elastomer membrane actuator. IX series is recommended for harsh environments and all key markets...

  • Rockermec

    The Rockermec™ solution consists of two Multimec™ 5E switches, a sealing that also provides functionality and a rocker cap called 10A. Rockermec™ is a compact solution for your high design-in requirements: it has small dimensions, aesthetic design and it is sealed to IP67. Illumination is provided with LEDs on the PCB so you can pick the exact colors you...

  • Foilmec™ 1YAS

    1YAS keycap offers a Ø2.8mm round indicator located in the corner of the keycap for easy status readout. This indicator light will function independently from the completely illuminated background, giving a full illumination of text or symbol printed on the overlay and ensuring a secure operation at night or under difficult visual conditions.1YAS keycap...

  • Es series

    Heavy-duty safety switch with dia. 34 mm red anodized actuator, designed for heavy-duty applications. Features IK10 impact resistance, IP65, IP67 & IP69K frontal sealing and compliant with EN 60947-5-1 certification. Push-pull ON-ON function. Main featuresMetal product with dia. 22 mm bushing (market standard)100.000 cycle mechanical...

  • Ultranavimec™

    Ultranavimec™ is a simple and aesthetic navigational switch solution ideal for applications where space is limited, and environment is demanding. It has five positions: a select button in the middle and four navigational positions around it. The solution is compact and designed for optimal functionality with low-profile Ultramec switches giving the...

  • EC series

    Compact emergency stop switch with an integrated connector. Available with solder lug terminal or a connector for easy fitting, it has a standard 22 mm diameter bushing. This ergonomic emergency stop switch is vibration-resistant and perfectly suitable for use on material handling,  AGVs and off-road vehicles. Main featuresSolder lug or connector...

  • 10D

    10D cap is a Ø16.0 mm round cap with a slightly concave surface and designed to match the Controlmec™ navigational solution not only with the below panel height but also in look and feel.The 10D cap and 10DWY sealing combination is sealed to IP67, has over 1 million cycles and 4 standard color options, including frosted white for illumination with hard...

  • TR series

    Subminiature rocker switches available in single and double pole with gold or silver plating. Main features :Sealed : Single piece case, o-ring seal between actuator and bushing, epoxy sealed terminalsWide variety of contact materialsSame PCB layout as TL, TP and TG tiny switches

  • EC series for PCB

    The EC series for PCB is a compact emergency stop switch with a panel cut-out of 22 mm. It is the markets’ first PCB mounted emergency stop switch that guarantees a high safety level, thanks to an extra locking ring that keeps the 2 parts together to avoid a floating mount. This high-level feature satisfies a critical need in many applications,...

  • AMMS Series

    Microminiature slide switchesMain featuresLow profileMolded-in sealed terminalsCompact sizeWashing not recommended

  • WPG series

    This specific metal security cover has been designed for the WP series to prevent unwanted activation especially when the product is positioned outdoors.  Main featuresTwo-position coverMetal material for high impact resistanceThree types of switch guards (held up, down or both)Eight colors available for the mobile part

  • ASLB Series

    Microminiature slide switchesMain featuresMiniature compact sizeMolded sealed terminalsOpen frame constructionPositive spring loaded ball detent mechanism

  • EC Compact

    Ultra compact emergency stop switch with a 22mm diameter bushing. With only 18.7 mm of behind panel depth, the EC Compact is equipped with 2-pole functionality and an additional barrier. Main featuresUltra compact emergency stop switches with Ø22 mm bushing Low behind-the-panel depth Front sealing : IP65 Approved according to EN 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-5

Showing 409 - 427 of 427 items

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