Click on the applications to find out what products APEM can offer you related to your needs
Robust custom limit switch (ex: brake application)
Custom design for brake applicationSuperior mechanical strengthInternalized sealing membrane
TS series: Proportional thumbstick
Hall effect contactless sensingUp to 2 axesSealing up to IP69K
Military grade keyboards: custom product for a tough environment
12000X778 and 12000 series : Military toggles
Toggles: 12000 series, boots, guards
ES and 13000 series: Metal emergency stop for extreme conditions
Indicators: QRM 6 and 8, Q series
Sealing up to IP67 and IP69KES is EN60947-5-1 qualifiedES is IK10 impact resistant
Keyboards: Ruggedized, membrane, bezel…
Rockers: KR, KL
12000X778 is MIL QPL and CECC qualifiedAvailable with boots for an additional sealing barrier & switch guards to secure critical functions.Compact behind panel
6 and 8 mm, low profileIP67NVIS compliant to MIL standard 3009
Small and robust pushbuttons: IP, IZ, IA, IC, IM, IB-IS, AV and 13000 series
Click on the applications to find out what products APEM can offer you related to your needs
Available in ruggedized version, rubber, membrane, bezel…Standard communication protocols including CAN, USB, RS422 and RS485
KR and KL series : Robust rocker switches
Switch based thumbsticks: HS and NV series
Easy actuator customizationUp to 20ASealing up to IP69KKL version with one locked position and intuitive ergonomics
Metal Emergency Stop: ES, slam switch
HS and NV series: Switch based thumbstick
QRM series : Rear mount NVIS indicators
IP, IZ, IA, IC, IM, IB-IS, AV, 13000 and 13000X778 series : Small and high reliability pushbuttons
HS is available with pushbutton on the topSealing up to IP69KPositive tactile feedback in all directions
Proportional thumbsticks: TS series
13000X778 series is a military CECC qualified productWide variety of size, material and colorSealing up to IP69K
Robust custom limit switch
HR & CW series: Hall effect robust thumbwheels
HR series: modern design with friction hold or spring to center, backlighting in optionCW series: compact roller, spring to centerSealing up to IP68
13000 series: Compact emergency stop for demanding applications
VM and IP series: Programmable camera controller
MetalDouble shell – sealed construction (IP65)Low behind panel profile
Thumbwheels: TW, CW and HR series
3 axis Hall effect joystickProgrammable pushbuttonsUSB outputProducts designed for commercial application
Finger Operated Hall Effect Joysticks: 3000 and HF series
Emergency Stop: 13000 (metal)
3000 and HF series: Finger control joystick for military applications
Hall effect contactless sensing1, 2 or 3 axisAvailable with robust metal mechanism
Camera controler: VM, IP
Tactile PCB switches: MEC 5G series
Multimec 5 series (5E & 5G): Tactile PCB switch
Strength of actuation tested at twice MIL-PRF-22885H requirementsAvailable with NVIS illuminationSealing up to IP67Many caps and accessories available