Robust rockers: KR and KL series
Standard multifunction joystick: CJ and HG series
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FD has dual backlit icons enabling visual confirmation of 3 switch states (black, green, red)- Double icon illuminated pushbutton - Sealing up to IP69K - Momentary or latching
Panel mount Indicators: Q Series
- 1 axis paddle - Sealed up to IP67 - Available in 5 colors
With more than 20 different series APEM is a market leader - 600 series: for motor loads and power applications (up to 15A 250VAC)- 5000 series: for low level-Available with boots &safe guards EndFragment
Membrane Keyboard
Standard CAN bus Keypad: KP6 Series
APEM’s limit switch makes sure tractor essentials like clutches and breaks keep working. APEM technologies reduce both mechanical and contamination failures.
Broadest range of the market, from 6 to 22mm diameter - Many colors and illumination options - Available in Superbright and Hyperbright for use inside/outside - Secret until light legends available on Q16
- Customizable keys - Up to 3 dimmable LED per key + backlit legends - Available with EMC shielding
- Finger or hand control - Hall effect contactless sensing - Available with thumbwheels, rubber keypads, thumbsticks, mini rockers, deadman…
A1 metal pushbuttonEndFragment
- Custom design - Precise and visually-appealing digital printing
- Available with 2 or 3 positions - Sealing up to IP68 - KL version with one locked position and intuitive ergonomics
IP Series
MEC controlmec  tact switches navigatorEndFragment
- Wide variety of shapes & colors - Fast customization to accommodate any actuator length - Available in silicone and neophrene
- Soft touch - Custom design - Sealing up to IP67
Fingertip joysticks: BF, BD, BH and BLEndFragment
- Hand grip- Hall effect contactless sensing - Sealed up to IP68 - Customize your face plate EndFragment
- Compact and robust- Many caps and accessories available - Illumination optionsEndFragment
Locking power rocker switches (PTO) : KLEndFragment
- Wide variety of size, shape, material and colors - Most are available with LED backlighting- Sealing up to IP69K- Momentary or latchingEndFragment
The KS system is a modular mechatronics concept integrating rocker switches and a CAN controller. The KS system uses a CAN bus to communicate the status of rocker switches and provide software control of the blacklight LEDs.
Toggles: 600, 5000EndFragment
Toggle boots
Custom Joystick
FD Pushbuttons
start & stop
- High performance pushbuttons - Largest selection of color, shapes, terminals, markings, backlighting - Unified look, differentiated functions, simplified purchasing
Robust custom limit switch
KS Rocker switches
Rubber Keypad