SEMI EMO Switches

SEMI EMO Switches

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Based on IDEC comprehensive E-stop range, these SEMI EMO Switches allow you to build an Emergency Off function on your line. The Emergency Off function is requested in some industry such as the semiconductors, flat panel display (FPD) and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

Based on the standard SEMI S2-0706, 12.1, the Emergency Off (EMO) function shall interrupt the hazardous part of the machine without disabling the other safety-related devices (smoke detectors, gas/water leak detectors, pressure measurement...)

Main features

  • Safe break action (X series)
  • Two ways of resetting – pulling and turning (X series)
  • Fully qualified and certified with shrouds

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Ergonomie 1

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Spécifications générales

• Direct opening action mechanism
• Safety lock mechanism
• Safe Break Action (XA, XW)
• The combination of IDEC EMO's switch guard and Emergency Stop switches are approved by TUV Rheinland for compliance with SEMI S2 standard.

Spécifications électriques

• The specifications of EMO products are equivalent to the E-stop:
- For XA EMO switches, please download the XA E-stop series for further details
- For XW EMO switches, please download the XW E-stop series for further details
- For HW EMO switches, please download the HW E-stop series for further details


• Actuator: plastic


  • CSA
  • UL

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